Billing Changes For New Accounts

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Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
July 22nd, 2019

For years now, BunnyCDN has been offering an incredible pricing scheme without any monthly minimums. All we required was a $10 recharge every 12 months in order to roll over the existing balance. This allowed our users absolute freedom to control when and how much they spend at any given time while assuring a small monthly fee of around $0.83 for us to keep the service going and continue adding great new things. A user could potentially run dozens of sites for just a few cents per month and use the credits at any time in the future as their usage increased.

For a long time, we were really happy with this system. However, as time passes by, we are getting more and more complaints from individuals that believe we are stealing their money because their balance is about to expire, often being straight up rude. This was a punch in the face for us. We felt like we were doing a good thing, but some of you felt very much the opposite.

This got us thinking. If our users don't understand why we do this, then it's probably not a very good system. Piling up balance on an account that only uses a few cents might quickly start seeing like we're just taking money and seeing it expire even more so. This quickly diverts your thoughts from why the system is there in the first place. We also don't want our users to feel pressured to keep recharging their account just to save their balance. Overall, we are beginning to see that the longer we continue with the current system, the more confusion we might cause in the long run for some of our smaller users.

As such, we have decided to make a small change to our billing system applying to all new accounts only. With the new system the credits will no longer expire, but we will require a small $1 monthly minimum instead. If the monthly usage does not reach $1, we will round the usage up to $1 for that month. We estimate that this will not introduce any extra costs for the majority of users and also believe this will drastically improve the simplicity and transparency of our pricing. Hopefully, we will also avoid any bad blood and confusion that happened on the old system.

This was a hard decision for us, but we believe we are doing the right thing. Despite the change, our vision at BunnyCDN remains to try and push the boundaries in CDN pricing while offering an incredible performance.

Starting with the new update, we will be removing the 30 zone limit from all accounts so you will be able to add as many zones as you need without any extra costs or hassle.