CDN Features

CDN packed with powerful features

CDN Features

Explore the powerful features of Bunny CDN that will help you bring your web applications to the next level. provides everything you need to supercharge your web presence and keep your web applications running safely and smoothly at all times.

CDN Features

You envision it. We help you build it.

It is said engineers are only as good as their tools.
It’s our mission to provide the best ones.


Performance matters, and it’s our goal to take it to the next level. helps you supercharge your web presence with powerful features designed for efficient global caching and content optimization to squeeze out every last millisecond of performance.

  • Edge RulesEdge Rules
  • Request CoalescingRequest Coalescing
  • Customizable CachingCustomizable Caching
  • Image OptimizationImage Optimization
  • Perma-CachePerma-Cache


Not all networks are crafted the same. gives you a direct line to one of the fastest networks in the world, designed for a true planet-scale reach that’s always just a hop away from your users.

  • 80 Tbps+ Backbone80 Tbps+ Backbone
  • Real-Time MonitoringReal-Time Monitoring
  • SmartHop EngineSmartHop Engine
  • 100 PoPs100 PoPs
  • Automatic-HealingAutomatic-Healing
  • 3000+ PNIs3000+ PNIs


Take advantage of robust security features that allow you to control who, when, and for how long end-user can access your content. Stop bad bots and block attacks before they ever reach your server. helps you stay safe at all times.

  • GEO BlockingGEO Blocking
  • Network LimitsNetwork Limits
  • Token AuthenticationToken Authentication
  • WAF (Coming Soon)WAF (Coming Soon)
  • DDoS ProtectionDDoS Protection
  • Hotlinking ProtectionHotlinking Protection


Get the full insights into your traffic with a live monitoring map, real-time statistics, full logging, and reporting tools. helps you spot bottlenecks, connectivity, or server issues and keep your infrastructure running smoothly at all times.

  • Live-MonitoringLive-Monitoring
  • Full Raw LoggingFull Raw Logging
  • Traffic ReportingTraffic Reporting
  • Performance MetricsPerformance Metrics
  • Real-Time StatisticsReal-Time Statistics

Intuitive Control Panel

Explore our dashboard full of powerful features wrapped in a fantastic user experience.
  • Easy Pull Zone Manager
    Easy Pull Zone Manager
  • Raw Log Explorer
    Raw Log Explorer
  • Security Features
    Security Features
  • Insightful Analytics
    Insightful Analytics

Easy Pull Zone Manager

Easily manage your entire web presence with an intuitive Pull Zone manager that brings advanced features just a click away.

Raw Log Explorer

Get a complete picture of your traffic with real-time logging. Spot issues or security vulnerabilities and better protect against attacks

Security Features

Stay in full control of your content with powerful security features designed to help you control when and who can access your files.

Insightful Analytics

Get a real-time insight into your traffic with simple but powerful analytics that help you better understand your traffic.

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