Service Level Agreement

Stay online.
No matter what.

Stay online.
No matter what.

Behind a cute name stands a furious beast. Thanks to redundancy on every step, we offer enterprise level stability in our core infrastructure.

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99.99% Uptime Guarantee

bunnynet Service Level Agreement

The platform was designed with performance and stability in mind. Our system leverages automatic healing and failover in case of server failure using multiple methods of uptime and performance monitoring. On top of that, our team is working around the clock to prevent and minimize any disruptions and provide optimal performance around the globe.

bunnynet Service Level Agreement

Redundant Infrastructure

bunnynet SLA

By utilizing a redundant architecture and intelligent BGP routing, we achieve automatic failover for our DNS system both in case of a hardware or network outage. We monitor our PoP edge servers in real-time to detect any network problems or performance degeneration and intelligently route around them.

bunnynet SLA

Outage Credits

In the event of monthly availability falling below our guarantees, your account will be eligible for SLA credits based on your monthly usage.

Monthly AvailabilityOutage TimeCredit Amount
99.98%10 – 59 minutes12 hours
99.85%1 – 2 hours24 hours
99.70%2 – 4 hours48 hours
99.50%4 – 7 hours120 hours
99.00%7+ hours240 hours

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