Bringing privacy back into your own hands: Introducing Bunny Fonts!

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Aaron Hong
Aaron Hong
Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
June 16th, 2022

These days, privacy is one of the core values of the internet that is under constant threat. With every click, our data is being flown around the world. In fact, it's hard to find a site that doesn't tell advertising companies just about everything about us.

At, we believe in an open internet where users can keep their personal data to themselves, and it's part of our mission to help companies stay GDPR compliant and make the web a better place.

To help with that, we are very excited to introduce Bunny Fonts, an ultra-fast, privacy-first font service with a zero-logging policy and a drop-in replacement API for Google Fonts. Bunny Fonts were designed to help build a better future for the internet, where your data isn't used against you and to help companies around the world easily stay GDPR compliant.

Currently the V1 of the Google Fonts API is supported, and we are working on V2 support by the end of this month.

Court ruling in Munich, Germany

The wake-up call for Bunny Fonts was the court ruling in Munich earlier this year and concerns flowing in from some of our customers that were worried about GDPR compliance. In the ruling, a company was found guilty for violating user's privacy due to using Google Fonts. We wanted to change the internet for the better.

Regardless of where you are located, the case in Germany came as a shock to many webmasters. Under GDPR regulations, a user’s IP address — dynamic or not — cannot be disclosed or used in a manner that constitutes a violation of privacy. In the Munich ruling, a clear distinction was made: despite the fonts being hostable on the webmaster’s own servers, the company used the third-party Google Font service with no policy on anonymization. As such, users were entitled to compensation for the unauthorized sharing of their respective addresses.

Making GDPR Compliance easier

Bunny Fonts were built to be privacy-first. In the interest of transparency, no API requests to the Fonts platform are logged or tracked. As such, no “popularity” or “trending” font filters exist.

Bunny Fonts is thus fully GDPR compliant. We do not store, process, nor transfer any user information. A non-exhaustive list includes: IP addresses, session information, and user activity. Nothing is recorded outside of basic (non-identifiable) diagnostic data — which stays on European servers, operated by, incorporated in the European Union — for performance and reliability purposes (e.g. load distribution, et cetera).

Powered By The Bunny Global Network

At, we're all about making the internet hop faster, and Bunny Fonts are no exception. All fonts are distributed through Bunny CDN's massive global network with presence in over 98 cities around the world. Wherever your users are, they're just a hop away.

To achieve even better performance, all font families requested are optimized into a single query, which in turn generates a CSS file that loads your desired fonts onto your application or website.

Google Fonts Compatible API

The Bunny Fonts platform is fully compatible drop-in replacement for the Google Fonts V1 API, allowing for a seamless transition to our GDPR-compliant platform.

If you are already using Google Fonts, you can simply substitute with in your HTML code.

Eating The Cake, And Sharing It Too

At, we used to be avid Google Fonts users ourselves, as far as using them on our error pages. However, recent developments and concerns from some of our users made it clear that we need to do better, and we're excited to be able to share that with the world.

We're proud first users of Bunny Fonts ourselves, and we've already replaced all Google Fonts URLs with private, GDPR compliant versions to make sure our users don't suffer because of us.

Help Build A Faster Internet

If you align with our vision of helping make the internet hop faster and enjoy solving complex technical challenges on a large scale, make sure to check out our careers page! We have an ambitious plan and are looking for a set of amazing new team members to help build the internet of tomorrow!