bunny.net expands into Nairobi, Kenya to supercharge the internet experience in North-East Africa

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Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
November 2nd, 2021

Today, we're excited to announce that we are continuing building towards our vision of a supercharged global internet with a new expansion in Nairobi, Kenya. While this is a small step for our global network it is a much more important step for our efforts in Africa and a stepping stone for further expansions in this region.

With the expansion, bunny.net brings your content closer to hundreds of millions of people in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi. While the internet usage penetration in these regions are still relatively low at around 40%, we do expect this to grow exponentially over the next few years. We hope that through the expansion, bunny.net can help provide a better experience through the process.

With every new region we expand to, we are always excited to turn to PerfOps to examine the real-world results this has for actual internet users and we were definitely not let down this time!

In Kenya, we reduced the average latency by over 85% for a truly supercharged experience with many of the requests being as much as 95% faster.

bunny.net PerfOps Kenya Performance

We saw a similar story unroll in Uganda and Tanzania with a significant latency reductions. Being a neighboring country, these are excellently connected through the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP) which help decrease the latency up to 60% on average.

bunny.net PerfOps Uganda Performance
bunny.net PerfOps Tanzania Performance

Finally, while not as dramatic, we also saw a slight improvement in Burundi. While not as drastic as the countries above, we hope this will continue to improve as local infrastructure continues to develop and our network team will continue to optimize the routing.

bunny.net PerfOps Burundi Performance

To put these numbers into perspective, we also compared bunny.net with some of the other major content delivery networks and we're really hopping ahead, right next to AWS, minus 45% of the price.

Average Latency Comparison - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi

We're excited to continue our mission of building a truly global network. Nairobi was just one of the stepping stones to expand further into Africa and Middle East and we're committed to continue working on further expansions and making the internet hop faster.