BunnyCDN during COVID-19

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Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
April 2nd, 2020

I was hoping we would be able to avoid writing this post if possible since my own inbox is already full of the COVID-19 emails, but as more and more of the world is locking down, I felt that it was important to reassure our users that you can continue to depend on us during these difficult times and wish everyone the best until the situation improves.

BunnyCDN has always been an international team working remotely. As a result, despite the lock-downs, there has not been any significant change to our workflow and we continue to operate the same way as ever from 3 different countries on 2 different continents. As such, any regional disturbance should not affect our day-to-day operations and we are fully dedicated to providing the same level quality of service as ever.

As a Content Delivery Network, we are in fact in a slightly unique situation where we have actually seen a large increase in traffic and number of new signups as more and more people around the world are going online. Thankfully, we were just in the process of expanding our team and network over the past few months which allowed us to handle the growth without any hiccups. We are continuing to invest into new hardware to keep up with the growing traffic and expect no effect on the quality of our service and will continue to hop as fast as always.

On the other hand, the increase in internet usage worldwide is already pushing some of the ISPs in Europe to their limit, forcing websites such as YouTube or Netflix to reduce the default streaming quality to help cope with the load. While we have not seen this effect our users yet in a noticeable way, we are carefully monitoring the situation and will do our best to assure excellent performance at all times.

The world is largely in a disarray and while I feel lucky that BunnyCDN has so far not been affected by all of what is going on, I am aware that this might not be the case for many of you. That being said, these are the times when we should be looking out for each other and we are committed to finding ways to support you where we can, so don't be afraid to reach out.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone all the best in the coming weeks and months. Stay safe and healthy!

Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
Bunny Founder