BunnyCDN has expanded! Hello Sydney, Dallas and Falkenstein!

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Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel
November 5th, 2016
Hello Sydney

We're constantly looking to expand our global presence to even further minimize the latency that you users get when accessing our network. We're excited to announce that today we activated 3 new additional edge server locations in Sydney Australia, Dallas Texas and Falkenstein Germany.

We're especially excited about our new presence in Sydney which up to now was the most requested location that we did not cover very well. With the expansion we offer a huge boost in access time as well as download speeds for your users in Australia and New Zealand with ping times as low as 1ms and downloads speeds of multiple hundreds of megabits per second.

The new expansion also brings increased speeds and lower access times in South Central USA and the West of Europe, especially thanks to the new German datacenter.

This brings our global presence up to 4 continents, 8 countries and 12 edge server locations and all this for the same old price.