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Celebrating 3 years of partnership with EWWW.io!

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At bunny.net, we are on a mission to help make the internet hop faster. That means we strive towards constant innovation and building our global network, but our special emphasis lies in the help part. It is truly exciting to partner up with other like-minded companies that share the same mission and work together to help make the internet a better place.

Today, we are taking a moment to celebrate one such partnership as we look at our 3-year anniversary of collaboration between bunny.net and EWWW.io. Our partnership began in 2019 but our story goes back even further.

What is EWWW.io?

For those of you that do not know them, EWWW.io is one of the most popular WordPress Image Optimizer tools on the market, powering over 950.000 websites. It was built to improve web page speeds with comprehensive and flexible image optimization features. Utilizing their plugin helps improve SEO rankings, and even more importantly, it makes website visitors happy. The plugin helps you save storage space and conserve bandwidth, resulting in a faster loading website and a significantly reduced bandwidth bill at the end of the month. EWWW.io automatically compresses new and existing images, transforms them into a next-generation web friendly WebP format, and utilizes lazy loading for the best possible website experience from the get-go.

On top of being a “set it and forget it” solution, they offer a ton of customization for more advanced users.

How our story began.

In 2018, about half a year before our partnership started, EWWW.io reached out to us looking for a new partner for their content delivery needs. One of their challenges was efficient caching and delivery of normal and WebP compressed images on the same URLs without the need to change the file extension. This was not available with their existing CDN service. Unfortunately, they were also met with dead ears when trying to get the feature implemented, which forced them to look for an alternative.

When EWWW.io reached out, we took their challenges as our own and as an opportunity to help pursue a shared mission to help build a better internet together. In collaboration with our engineering team it took us less than 2 days to come up and implement a solution. Using the bunny.net Vary Cache settings, serving two file versions based on the detected browser support was now just a click away.

Impressed by our effectiveness on top of amazing pricing EWWW.io decided to migrate their content delivery services to bunny.net.

Building a faster internet together!

Since the start of our partnership in March 2019 EWWW.io optimized over 6 billion images and saved over 3.5 terabytes of storage with their compression tools. We helped them deliver over 1.2 petabytes of bandwidth traffic on 22.000+ websites worldwide and saved their users nearly 3 petabytes of traffic! And on top of that we helped EWWW.io save 75% of their content delivery costs!*

* 75% reduced costs compared to their previous content delivery network provider.

In the grand scheme of things our story has just barely begun. We are excited to see what EWWW.io has in plans next and thrilled to continue pursuing our shared vision of building a better internet.  We are looking forward to the future and are doing our best to bring you the fastest delivery of optimized images on all WordPress websites! If you’re running a WordPress website, make sure to check out their website to make it hop as fast a bunny.

Hop on!

If you’re struggling with complex global delivery challenges, we are always here to help your out. We’re eager to see how we can help other companies go faster, lower their infrastructure costs and make the internet a better place together.