Hopping Ahead: bunny.net ranks as the #1 Fastest CDN in 2023

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We're on a mission to make the internet hop faster globally. At bunny.net, we live and breathe performance, constantly fine-tuning our services. In this article, we're thrilled to share how we hopped ahead in 2023, becoming the world's fastest content delivery network (CDN), and the journey that got us there.

With bunny.net, you experience lightning-fast content delivery, with a global latency average of just 25.45 milliseconds for the entire year of 2023, as per independent third-party benchmark data. This allows developers and organizations to effortlessly deliver web content with rapid loading times and global scalability, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience.

The following chart displays the monthly average latency for various CDN vendors throughout 2023, including bunny.net, CDN77, CloudFlare, Akamai, GCore, Google Cloud, AWS CloudFront, Edgio, Cachefly, and Fastly.

2023 average global latency

As shown in the chart above, much like our furry bunny friends, bunny.net consistently delivered an industry-leading performance throughout most of 2023. The latency across all CDN vendors falls between 23.80ms and 64.77ms, while for bunny.net, it ranges from 23.80ms to 27.42ms.

When occasionally briefly falling to the second position by a small margin of less than 0.7ms, our dedicated team swiftly jumped into action. Ranging from strategic network expansions, software, hardware, and kernel improvements to tweaking our routing engine based on millions of points of data, we’re constantly striving to help you provide the best internet experience possible for your customers.

In this instance, we used data from cdnperf.com, an independent service organization renowned for CDN benchmarking. Leveraging Real User Metrics (RUM) data from users worldwide, they collect over 300 million tests daily.

We understand CDN performance can be assessed using various methods so we're continuing with one single focus: to hop even faster!

CDN latency performance per region

In addition to being the fastest CDN globally in 2023, bunny.net also outperformed the legacy CDNs in most regions worldwide. We significantly improved the speed of over a million websites across the United States, Europe, Asia, LATAM, Oceania, and Africa.

Average yearly latency in 2023 per region

The journey to our CDN speed excellence

From our early days, bunny.net envisioned revolutionizing content delivery and bringing industry-leading performance into the hands of every developer. This commitment has resulted in significant advancements and network expansions, positioning us as leaders in CDN performance, and setting new standards for speed and reliability.

In 2023, we expanded by adding new Points of Presence (PoPs) in various strategic locations, totaling 123 PoPs in our global network. And, our impressive 95% cache hit ratio empowered over 1 million websites with unparalleled caching. To learn more about our global network, including a list of countries, go here.

Alongside our technical achievements, our Super Bunnies™ provide exceptional customer support, reflected in our Trustpilot rating of 4.9/5 based on over 580 reviews.

Looking past latency

While latency is a great indicator of performance, it’s not the only factor by far. Caching and throughput play a significant role in how fast a CDN can deliver your content to the end users. Requesting an uncached file can hinder the performance and cause up to 10-30X slower response times.

At bunny.net, maintaining industry-leading caching and throughput remains a core focus for our network, and throughout 2023, we have continued to invest heavily into upgrading our infrastructure and connectivity, migrating a majority of our hardware stack to cutting-edge AMD CPUs and NVMe storage, connected with up to 100Gbit lightning-fast uplinks.

Today, some of our larger PoPs provide hundreds of terabytes of pure NVMe capacity that ensure unparalleled performance for your content. This means you gain happier customers who reliably get a smooth experience.

There's always room for speedier hops

Navigating the intricate maze of internet networks, we've leaped ahead in enhancing performance across numerous regions globally. Yet, we're not taking a break; there's always potential for more speed and numerous areas awaiting our touch of enhancement!

As we move forward, we're focused on improving our performance even more. We plan to do this by expanding our network in additional regions strategically located around the globe, using smarter ways to route data, enhancing our storage methods, fine-tuning our equipment, and providing our developers with more tools and control over network management, media processing, and security.

Making the internet hop faster!

Following our mission, we are excited to see that bunny.net achieved top CDN speed performance in 2023, supported by independent latency data. Beyond the impressive numbers, speedy content delivery offers a multitude of benefits. It enhances user experiences, boosts SEO rankings, and fuels innovation on a global scale. When you choose bunny.net, you gain access to the world's fastest CDN with an average of 25.45ms latency on a global network. You also enjoy user-friendly APIs, an intuitive web control panel, and unparalleled customer support.

Hop on bunny.net and speed up your web presence with the fastest next-generation CDN, and join us on a mission to make the internet hop faster!