Introducing Perma-Cache - Permanent CDN Caching

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With traditional CDN caching, large content libraries or infrequently accessed files can result in a very low cache hit rate. That can not only cause performance issues when delivering uncached content, but also cause expensive traffic bills on your origin. It's a constant problem that many of you are dealing with, and we've been looking for a good solution for some time.

When we released the Geo-Replicated storage, a lightbulb turned on and we sprung into action. We are incredibly excited to announce the latest Perma-Cache feature.

With Perma-Cache, BunnyCDN connects your CDN cache to our geo-replicated storage environment. During a cache fill operation, the system automatically pulls and permanently stores your files across our distributed storage network. The files are then automatically replicated across our storage network.

All future requests to the same file will then never reach your origin again. Instead, they are delivered to the CDN from the closest storage region that's just a couple of hops away at all times. This provides unparalleled performance when accessing uncached files and guarantees excellent performance and reliability no matter where in the world your users are.

Perma-Cache also almost completely eliminates all traffic to your origin with a permanent cache. In effect, when used with an expensive origin, such as Amazon S3, this can save you thousands of dollars per month in traffic charges.

The Perma-Cache system can be enabled with a click of a button and fully integrates into our cache vary and purging systems. This means you are still able to manually request a file to be re-fetched from the origin, and use advanced caching methods based on query strings, WebP support for example.

We have been focused on innovating in a space that has largely stayed still for quite some time and we are very excited about this update and the benefits it could bring for many different use-cases.

In our eyes, this is a very exciting feature for many different use cases and we're happy to see that we've already saved some of our users thousands of dollars per month in bandwidth charges while also maximizing the performance.

I hope you are as excited about the update as we are. It is our goal to continue to innovate in performance and features and we are already working on other exciting updates as well. Stay tuned and let us know if you have any feedback, thoughts about Perma-Cache or suggestions on what you would like to see on BunnyCDN next!