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Introducing the new bunny.net experience!

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After countless hours of building, rebuilding, and perfecting, we're thrilled to announce the new bunny.net experience with the release of the new bunny.net dashboard!

The new bunny.net look!

We've built a fresh new look, a much better user experience, and a significantly stronger technical foundation. It's the start of the next chapter for bunny.net, and a big step forward towards our mission to help make the internet hop faster!

We have a busy roadmap ahead in the Year of The Bunny. Our goal is to bring you multiple new products and many more new features, and it all starts with the new dashboard.

Putting The User First

The most important consideration with the new dashboard was - you, the user. Our goal was to make it beautiful, functional, and, most importantly, simple.

If anyone could pick it up and get going, we've done a good job. If not, we went back to the drawing board. We believe simplicity and user experience should come first, especially when dealing with something as complex as cloud products.

We've made countless improvements in that direction. Too many to list them all, but we wanted to share some of the areas we're most excited about.

Better Zone Management

The old dashboard made it difficult to work with large numbers of zones. We've made this easier than ever with searchable dropdowns and quick zone switching.

Quick Pull Zone Switching

Easier Navigation

We moved many things a few clicks closer and added the new Quick Add zone button along with a global search feature (coming in June) to the main menu.

Quick Add Button
Global Search (Coming Soon)

Product Updates

Individual products received many quality-of-life improvements as well. The biggest one being Bunny Stream, which finally allows you to move videos between collections.

New Bunny Stream collection management
Improved Bunny DNS record management

Dark Mode (Coming Soon)

For many of you, we've saved the best for last - the dark mode. Perhaps one of our most frequently requested features, the dark mode, is finally coming in early June.

Dark Mode Theme Design preview

Making It Even Better

Designing a complex cloud service interface can be difficult. While we think we've made many great changes, we also know we likely made a few mistakes.

We hope that you enjoy the new experience, but if you see anything that we can improve or something outright annoys you, make sure to hit the new Feedback button on the right side of the page and share your thoughts.

Through small increments and lots of feedback, we hope to build an experience that you will genuinely love.

Building A Strong Technical Foundation

We gave ourselves ambitious goals when we set out to take bunny.net to the next level. To reach those, we need to move quickly. But before doing that, we needed to build a strong technical foundation for the one product that keeps everything else together.

To avoid getting bogged down into the traps of technical debt, we decided to rebuild the old dashboard completely. We had three main technical requirements:

  • Have a strong future-proof technical foundation
  • Start building API first
  • Enable for quick iterations and updates in mind

To achieve this, our team decided to go with Angular. This provided us with a quick and efficient way to build complex interfaces in a modular fashion thanks to the use of its component-based infrastructure.

Our engineering team worked closely with the design team to build a large set of easily reusable components. While this took some time, it now allows us to iterate quickly. Even before the main release, we've been able to already add new features with minimal effort.

Starting To Build API First

We first built bunny.net as a monolith application. It was split into three parts, the backend, the API, and the frontend. That meant three things needed to be updated for everything we've built or changed. Not very efficient at all.

Going forward, we're moving to an API-first approach. The new dashboard is fully powered by our API.

Not only does this allow us to hop through tasks at lightning speed, but it also ensures that any features we create are immediately accessible to you through the API.

It's like we're bunnies, effortlessly hopping through two burrows with a single leap! If it exists, you can automate it and enjoy the bunny-like efficiency!

Join us in building a faster internet!

At bunny.net, we are on an ambitious mission to help make the internet hop faster. We have a lot of work ahead of us to continue building and improving the bunny.net panel.

If you excel at Angular and share our passion for making the internet a better place we invite you to visit our Careers Page! We would love to have you on the team!