Origin Shield Now Generally Available

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In some cases, your origin might not have the fastest connection. When 40 PoPs are connecting to your zone, this can add up quite a bit and overwhelm your server. In other cases, your origin might have very expensive traffic costs, such as Amazon's S3 and that can really add up.

With that in mind, we have developed a special feature to help minimise this as much as possible, the origin shield! The origin shield is a second caching layer between our CDN PoPs and your origin that runs on one of our PoPs.

In effect, instead of each PoP pulling their own files from your origin, our servers will automatically pull files from the selected origin shield PoP via internal traffic (currently Paris and Chicago are available). This can greatly reduce the traffic on your origin, protect your server and make your wallet a bit happier.

Our users that have been testing this prior the public release have already saved multiple thousands of dollars per month just in origin bandwidth savings, and we're excited to see how we can help you as well!

The feature has already been enabled for all pull zones, just make sure to select the PoP closest to your origin to minimise the latency!