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Origin SSL Certificate Verification Is Here

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We are happy to announce a small update with big security implications, origin SSL certificate validation. Until now, BunnyCDN would happily connect to the origin with a self signed certificate, allowing a secure and encrypted connection between our servers and your origin. However, this was not a foolproof solution.

In the world of more and more complex load balancing solutions and BGP hijacks, there's an ever increasing threat of accidentally or maliciously routing a domain to a server outside of your control. This could potentially reveal sensitive request data to a third party.

To solve this, the origin SSL verification will not only connect to your origin via an encrypted HTTPS connection, but also verify the certificate on your server to make sure we're connection to a verified destination. If the certificate validation fails, our servers will automatically reject the request, making sure no data is sent to a server or destination outside of your control.

With an ever increasing number of features, we have also implemented a new menu system that allows easier navigation and a better experience when configuring your pull zones.