Our biggest network expansion ever: A better internet experience for over 1 billion people!

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We keep talking about our mission to help make the internet hop faster, and throughout 2022 our infrastructure team has been working extremely hard with one simple goal: to build the world's fastest global network.

To start off the Year of The Bunny, we're excited to announce our heaviest push in that direction to date and the biggest single network expansion we've ever done.

Expanding into 43 new locations in 31 countries

Other networks try to cramp as many PoPs in a small geographical region. We do things differently. Instead, our expansion centered on a single principle: "How can this improve the internet experience for as many people around the world as possible?"

With that in mind, we strategically selected 31 countries where we opened new local connectivity. This alone brought over 785 million new people worldwide within milliseconds of our network.

Additionally, we selected 12 key cities within the United States, France, South Africa, Russia, and Brazil to both improve local connectivity as well as offer optimized routes to neighboring regions. Combined, this allowed us to improve the internet experience for over 1 billion people when visiting content accelerated by bunny.net and improved our global coverage by almost 60%.

Together, we expanded the bunny.net network to 43 new locations listed below.

Europe North America Asia
Belgrade Boston Baku
Budapest Charlotte Bishkek
Chisinau Honolulu Dhaka
Copenhagen Houston Karachi
Keflavik Kansas City Nicosia
Khabarovsk Minneapolis Kathmandu
Krasnoyarsk Ogden Taipei
Kiev Phoenix Tbilisi
Luxembourg Pittsburg Tel Aviv
Marseille Yerevan
Novi Travnik

Africa South America Middle East
Cairo Brasilia Manama
Cape Town Guatemala Riyadh
Fujairah San Juan

In total, the expansion in 2022 brings the total global footprint for all bunny.net users to over 114 cities around the world, spanning 77 countries and more coming this year!

Improving last-mile performance with ISP caching boxes

On top of expanding our global datacenter footprint, we have another speedy update. January marked our first partnership agreements with multiple ISPs worldwide, emphasizing hard-to-reach areas that allowed us to install local caching boxes within the consumer ISP networks themselves.

To start with, we partnered with Awal Telecom in Iraq to bring a better internet experience to their users, and help Awal Telecom reduce inbound network costs that they would otherwise incur from inbound network charges.

Currently, we are also finalizing our setup with Unitel Mongolia, the second largest ISP in the country, to bring an unparalleled experience and lightning-fast performance to millions of their subscribers when accessing your content.

Looking forward, we are continuing talks with other ISPs around the world to help improve the experience for their customers. If you work for an ISP and are interested in helping us make the internet hop faster, make sure to reach out to partnerships@bunny.net.

We're now saving the world 9 years, every day!

The expansion reduced our global average latency by almost five milliseconds. While it might seem a few milliseconds don't sound like much, at scale, these really do add up.

With up to 750.000 requests per second during peak time, shredding five milliseconds of response time on average helps us save almost 9 years of combined time to internet users globally every day.

We've come this far, but our work does not stop here. Our teams are continuing optimizing and improving the bunny.net network each and every day. The network expansion was just one piece of the puzzle to hit an incredible performance milestone this year, and we can't wait to share the results over the next few days as we make your content hop faster than ever!

Join us in making the internet a better place!

If you're passionate about performance and building a better internet experience for billions of people around the world, make sure to check out the Bunny Careers page. We're working on exciting new projects and constantly looking for amazing new team members to help us push our mission forward.