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ShortPixel Partners With bunny.net To Accelerate 500.000+ Websites

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bunny.net is growing quickly, and it's exciting to see more and more websites and services accelerated by our platform. We are very passionate about performance, and it's always great to see we're making the internet an ever faster place.

Another service that cares about performance is ShortPixel, an image and compression plugin for WordPress websites and APIs. ShortPixel provides up to 85% image size reduction and helps their users increase their website's speed and SEO rankings.  If you're running WordPress, you can give their dynamic image plugin a try and test it for yourself. They reduce bandwidth and traffic costs while also providing a significant boost in website loading times. To date, they have optimized over 3.5 billion images and saved the world over 600 TB of traffic.

Thanks to our shared obsession about performance, ShortPixel has recently selected bunny.net as their partner of choice for their global content delivery. With this, we get to accelerate a truly impressive number of 500.000+ new websites through our platform.

After our sponsorship of jsDelivr earlier this year, this comes as yet another very exciting partnership for us as we continue to grow exponentially year over year and continue to help building a faster internet.

With this move, bunny.net now accelerates over 700.000 websites. It represents a very thrilling milestone for our team that brings us closer to the next goal. The 1 million! With tens of thousands of new websites added each month, this seems just around the corner.

In the past 12 months, our traffic has grown more than 5 times. Every second, we now deliver up to 250.000 requests, powered by an ever-growing global 30 Tbps network backbone. We are extremely excited to continue our current growth trajectory while bringing more and more value to the web and making it a faster experience for all of us.

We love a good challenge and big projects like this are always a joy to work on. If you have a big project of your own, definitely let us know and we would love to help!