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bunny.net partners with Tutor LMS to simplify online course delivery at realistic price points!

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At bunny.net, our team is constantly asking how we, as a company, can contribute to making the world a better place and empower developers, companies, and individual entrepreneurs alike. Without a doubt, education is one of the most powerful tools for creating sustainable, lasting positive change for the future.

However, creating online educational experiences alone is only the first step. Such experiences need to be made readily available for their impact to take hold and that means fast and effective global delivery of such content.

For eLearning creators, it's more important than ever to be able to deliver and store files efficiently and in a cost effective way - never mind overcoming  the bandwidth cost barrier to growth.

Introducing Tutor LMS by Themeum

It’s no secret the demand for specialized online education has risen dramatically over the last few years for all users of all sizes, specialities and usage rates. Students, teachers, professional educators, institutions and professional industry leaders are moving to modern eLearning environments that require flawless delivery - as demonstrated by lockdowns over the last two years.

While there are a number of highly-rated LMS solutions on the market, choosing the right LMS plug-in for many users can be intimidating at the least and extremely difficult at its worst. That’s why bunny.net is excited to partner with Tutor LMS who is famous for providing best in class user experiences. Their easy to use drag and drop content creator, is coupled with industry leading customization for students and teachers and is all built to run on the popular WordPress platform that allows practically anyone to hop on in just a few minutes.

Integrating your site with bunny.net can be done quite easily. All you need to do is install the bunny.net plug in via your WordPress site and then set up the necessary elements via our dashboard. See our WordPress integration guide for more details on how to get started.

Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS plug-in purpose built for eLearning projects of all sizes. Just like our offering at bunny.net, Tutor LMS is revolutionizing its industry by providing a service that caters to all users regardless of the size and scope of their projects.

By working together, we saw an opportunity to further the value brought to our mutual customers through helping them store, deliver and manage their unique eLearning content in the most cost-efficient, easy to use manner possible.

Bandwidth and storage pricing is one of the greatest roadblocks to success for course creators. At bunny.net, we're determined to help overcome this issue by providing a next-generation platform at a fraction of the cost of legacy CDN systems.

Together, we believe that our partnership will allow course creators to open new routes to success and gain the opportunity to grow their online learning experiences. Education reaps rewards for everyone involved. Whether directly or indirectly, the internet will hop faster as a result.

Partnership Designed For You

By choosing to hop with us, all Tutor LMS users are provided with an exclusive, discount on CDN pricing for the delivery of your course content. This means our already cost-effective pricing on supercharged delivery and replicated storage just became even more affordable than ever for any and all Tutor LMS users, big or small.

All Tutor LMS users will have access to a specific discount code made available by the Themeum team (hyperlink to themeum page). To redeem follow 4 simple steps:
       1) Log into bunny.net account
       2) Click on the "Billing" tab at the top of the dashboard
       3) Click the Enter Promo code button and enter your code
       4) Happy Hopping!

Thanks to the exceptional and flexible pricing of both Tutor LMS and our Volume Tier Network, developers and course content producers alike can now take advantage of pricing that fits the unique needs of each of their individual projects. That means bandwidth pricing that users can actually afford and removes the risk of surprise spikes in traffic that can break the bank.

More on Tutor Pricing

Tutor LMS Pricing starts at Free and offers 4 additional tiers based on project requirements and caps out at $25 per month - charged annually. If you think you have found your permanent home and plan to grow rapidly, they also offer LifeTime subscriptions on all paid plans.

You'll Never Hop Alone

The teams at both of our organizations believe in making effective and readily available support for all users. It's our commitment to providing quality, helpful and convenient support regardless of account size including paid users. Rest assured that when you need us, we will be there to help.

Our amazing team of dedicated support Super Bunnies is here "round the clock" to help Tutor LMS User from CDN set up day-to-day activities and ensure your content is delivered as reliably and as quickly as possible.

Making the Internet Hop

It's our vision to help accelerate the internet and we're excited to be working together with Themeum to allow developers and online educators alike to grow their projects as efficiently and as quickly as possible. At bunny.net we believe education inspires innovation and innovation leads to a faster, better and safer internet for all. We are committed to growing this partnership to hopefully create even more value for both our users in the future.