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We've Expanded the High Volume CDN Tier To Sao Paulo!

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bunny.net is on a mission to make the internet hop faster. As part of that, we are constantly exploring new ways to improve internet experiences around the world and keep expanding our already massive global network.

Today, we are making a giant leap ahead toward this mission.  We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our High Volume CDN tier to a new key hub in Sao Paulo. With this, we are setting a new bar for cost-effective content delivery across LATAM to help power the next generation of applications in the region.

A New Generation of Performance

Compared to our standard tier network with 121 PoPs that consistently ranks as one of the fastest in the world, our High Volume CDN tier has been designed to offer an unparalleled balance of price and performance. It achieves this by utilizing a subset of strategically selected PoPs and networks in some of the best connected datacenters in the world. These are optimized to provide exceptional caching capabilities and reliable content delivery for bandwidth intensive applications.

Our goal with the Sao Paulo expansion has been to push this to the extreme, and our networking team has worked tirelessly to optimize the routing and bring your content just milliseconds away.

With the expansion, we're taking the High Volume tier idea to the next level and bringing your content closer to hundreds of millions of people in the region. Brazil alone is home to over 181 million internet users, making it the 5th most connected country in the world with tens of millions more across the region.

Latency Comparison Before and After Expansion (via Atlas Ripe)

On average, we reduced the latency throughout Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay by over 67%. We're thrilled to be able to provide such a massive improvement with a single expansion, and we continue to explore how to optimize the network even further.

Opening The Door To LATAM

Distributing content like live or static video content, audio content, and mobile games creates a massive bandwidth load. Even large companies can struggle to optimize bandwidth costs. Not long ago, the streaming giant Twitch had to shift its whole revenue-sharing model to support its piling bandwidth costs. These issues become exponentially worse for smaller companies or projects that are just getting started.

To make matters worse, the LATAM region has historically been notoriously difficult to enter, especially due to high hardware and connectivity costs that resulted in very high CDN prices.

At bunny.net, our goal was to change that, and it's our mission to make the internet hop faster, for everyone.

As such, we're excited to announce the Sao Paulo expansion comes at no additional cost. We want to help reliably power bandwidth-intensive applications, regardless of the region. We believe great internet experiences should not be reserved for a few huge companies, and we're thrilled to open up LATAM to everyone and make top-of-the-line connectivity more affordable than ever.

Hop on!

The Sao Paulo PoP has already been silently serving traffic for the High Volume CDN tier for a couple of weeks. Today, we're excited to make it official!

If you're already using bunny.net, there's no action needed on your end, and you can sit back, and enjoy the extra boost in performance and a significantly better experience for your users.

If you're struggling with bandwidth costs in LATAM and not already using Bunny CDN, make sure to check out our High Volume tier as well as our full LATAM network map of 17 PoPs and supercharge your content with bunny.net.

Help us build a faster internet!

If you're passionate about networking and infrastructure and want to join us on our mission of making the internet hop faster, make sure to check out our careers page. bunny.net operates thousands of servers around the world, and we're looking for exceptional talent to help us keep running and continually improving one of the fastest networks in the world.