Bunny Bonding: How we enjoyed “Fluffle Building” in Spain

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At bunny.net, we're not only about creating exceptional content delivery experiences; we're also committed to building strong, united teams. With team members spread across the globe and working remotely, we decided it was time again to bring everyone together for an unforgettable team building experience in the beautiful hinterlands of Barcelona, Spain. That is why we gathered 30 bunnies for what we affectionately call "Fluffle Building”.

For three amazing days, we got to know each other better and began forging new friendships, aiming to build one big, fluffy family of bunnies.

Bunny fluffle hopping to sunny Spain

Our chosen location was the stunning Hotel Món Sant Benet, nestled in the serene surroundings of Sant Fruitós de Bages, near Barcelona. This picturesque region is home to the historic Sant Benet Monastery, which adds a touch of timeless charm to our adventure.

Good food, great vibes and smiley faces

On the first evening we kicked off our epic adventure with a dinner that can only be described as magical. We dined in the impressive cellar of the Sant Benet Monastery, an ambiance that transported us back in time. 

We continued our culinary journey throughout the entire stay as the chef guided us each day on an impressive exploration of Spanish gastronomy.

Cooking class experience

Who says we cannot do it too? All bunnies wrapped in white aprons worked in teams to create their best version of Paella Valenciana. Under the guidance of a professional chef we learned how to cook this iconic dish and enjoyed it afterwards on the plate.

Look, how much fun we had!

Team bonding through fun activities and puzzle-solving

Our itinerary didn't revolve solely around indulging in delicious meals; we had a lineup of entertaining activities that brought us closer as a team. One standout was the Geocaching within the historic San Benet Monastery. Divided into seven teams, we scoured the premises for clues, searching for treasures, all while capturing the most amusing moments on camera.

Some of us challenged themselves in the Virtual Reality jump from the building. Others enjoyed a serene early morning yoga class, setting the tone for a day of adventure. 

We also tackled an exhilarating escape room challenge. Our mission? To open a safe containing an ancient book before it "exploded." This activity tested our teamwork and problem-solving skills, bringing us closer as a unified team. Furthermore, we gained the battle with the countdown clock and brought the precious book into the light with 9 minutes to spare. What an epic victory! 

Bunny Awards offline event streamed online to all the bunnies

Since not all of our bunnies could participate in our delightful "fluffle building", we extended an invitation for a conference call, bringing them into our fold for a few hours. Once again, our visionary founder and CEO, Dejan, had a brilliant idea. He wanted to acknowledge and reward our bunnies for their accomplishments and quirky habits that make each individual unique.

The awards event was of course infused with a touch of humor and playfulness, perfectly reflecting our bunny spirit.

Looking forward to the next “Fluffle Building”

As our team continues to grow and expand into the vast world, our commitment to fostering team spirit has grown larger than ever before. We aim to be more than mere co-workers. We aspire to become a solid team composed of diverse individuals, united by our shared goals and unwavering support for one another. Just as bunnies are the heart and soul of bunny.net's fluffle, they make all the difference.