Holiday Special: Hopping Towards a Bright New Year

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December is a charming month, aglow with lights and filled with fun. This time, at, we had the pleasure of hosting some special guests in our Ljubljana office – our team members from abroad joined us for an intense week of work and a lot of fun.

Laser Tag Thrills: Battle of the Republic vs. Resistance

One of the highlights of our week was a thrilling game of Laser Tag. We split into two teams - the "Army of the Republic" and the "Resistance Movement." Our mission? To battle it out for supplies and points in a high-octane, action-packed showdown. Laughter and excitement filled the arena as we dodged laser beams and strategized our way to victory. It was an evening we won't soon forget.

Strikes and Spares: Bowling bunnies

Later we enjoyed a friendly game of bowling and quickly discovered that there are some seriously talented and sporty bunnies among us. Strikes, spares, and even a few unexpected gutter balls kept the competition lively and entertaining. It was a fantastic way to unwind and bond with our colleagues.

Hopping for Vienna's Winter Wonderland

As the week drew to a close, we decided to embark on a magical journey to Vienna, where the city's famous Christmas market awaited us. We also had the pleasure of delving into Vienna's rich history, thanks to our knowledgeable tour guide, Christopher. His captivating storytelling and impressive insights into history and the arts made our exploration all the more enjoyable. We returned home with hearts full of holiday spirit and cherished memories.

Santa is coming to town! 

At, our bunnies are our top priority, but we also have a special place in our hearts for their little ones. To make the holiday season even more magical, we invited Santa himself to our office. The joy and sparkle in the eyes of the youngest members of our fluffle lit up the room. It was an enchanting evening filled with children's laughter and the birth of new friendships.

Zooming into Culinary Connections

While our fluffle spans the globe, we've found creative ways to build personal connections through Zoom. Our innovative sales team, led by Julian Hunt, Vice President of Sales (and a skilled cook!), decided to unite over their shared passion for cooking. Julian took the lead, guiding his team through a virtual cooking adventure. The dish of the day? A mouthwatering "Steak Diane à la Gordon Ramsay." The results were so impressive that even Gordon Ramsay himself would have approved. Not a single plate was thrown against the wall, but many bonds were forged in the kitchen.

Christmas dinner delights

To celebrate our hard work and wind down before the holidays, our team went out for dinner at Restaurant Gorjanc in Ljubljana. We enjoyed a variety of delicious appetizers, soups, and traditional Slovenian dishes that Gorjanc is known for. The evening was made even better with engaging conversations on this year's highlights and memorable moments.

At, we believe in working hard and playing even harder. December was a month of both intense work and boundless fun, reminding us that our fluffle is not just a team but a family.

Here's to many more memorable moments in the years to come!