Ljubljana Office: A Bunny’s Dream Come True

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In a groundbreaking move this summer, bunny.net expanded its horizons beyond virtual realms, opening the doors to its first-ever office in Ljubljana. Until now, our bunny fluffle was fully immersed in remote work, a true testament to the company's adaptability and innovative spirit. So, what prompted the move to establish a Head Quarters? Buckle up for the hoppiest ride of bunny.net’s spectacle and keep reading.

Why Ljubljana?

In case you didn't know, our CEO and founder, Dejan, hails from the picturesque alpine country of Slovenia and laid the foundation for his company in this region. bunny.net has since evolved into an incredible blend of cultures and nationalities. Since it initially started with mainly Slovene voices, Ljubljana remains the vibrant heart of our bunny's fluffle, making it the ideal city to call home.

Where Collaboration meets Creativity and Innovation

Our new Ljubljana office acts as a cozy burrow for creativity, offering a place where bunny.net's lively team can hop in with ideas and work together effortlessly. By bringing our minds under one roof, we're all ears for innovation and eager to discover new possibilities.

Strengthening Team Bonds

Even though we still rely on Zoom calls (a necessity when our bunnies are scattered worldwide), we dream of a workspace that truly unites the team. Our office transforms into a hub for fostering friendships and cultivating a stronger sense of team spirit by gathering to play board games or enjoying a cozy chat over homemade pizza.

Tapping into Local Talent

Opening a physical office might not sound like much, but it is a significant step forward for bunny.net. Evolving from a primarily virtual presence, we've hopped into the spotlight as a major market contender. Our goal? To lure top talents to our fluffle, bolstering our growth. With a keen sense of responsibility, we're determined to contribute to the growth of the local job market and leave a lasting paw print.

Creative and Inspiring Workspace

bunny.net’s Ljubljana office isn’t just a place to work; it’s an incredible space designed to inspire. The carefully curated environment is crafted for those who seek a change of scenery, fostering productivity and well-being.

Hybrid Work Option for our Bunnies

Recognizing the importance of flexibility, bunny.net offers a hybrid work model. Employees can choose between working in the office or remotely, empowering them to tailor their work environment to suit their preferences.

The Bunny Identity

Working at bunny.net is not just a job; it's an identity our fluffle members wholeheartedly embrace, marked by unwavering commitment to excellence and growth. To be a bunny is to embody the brand's essence and its impact in the business world. Bunnies don't simply work; they personify the mission to accelerate the internet and ignite the same excitement about the bunny.net brand in our customers as we do. Our Ljubljana office is a living manifestation of our core values: Innovation, Unity, and Growth.