Daria Chunikhina: I value bunny.net's people-first approach and high level of trust

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Welcome to "Meet the Bunnies," our new monthly feature designed to bridge the distance in our remote work environment. In a company where face-to-face interactions are rare, it's easy to miss the personal connections that make a workplace vibrant and collaborative. Each month, we'll be shining a spotlight on one of our team members, offering a glimpse into their lives beyond the screen.

Opening up bunny.net's first Employees Spotlight section is our colleague Daria from the People Ops Team. An avid book reader, who likes to share the love for stories with her son, and enjoys growing tulips and daffodils around her cottage. Daria started as an economist but soon discovered that her career was being drawn to the IT field. Check out the full interview and see what else makes Daria a unique part of the fluffle!

Q: What motivated you to join the bunny.net’s fluffle?

– Initially, I was looking to join a company with an interesting product, and bunny.net fit the bill perfectly. I found myself drawn to bunny.net's vision and the values outlined in the job description. Plus, the name was just too amusing to pass up—it felt like a sign that this should be my next career move.

Q: Can you share the moment or realization that steered your career path towards the IT sector?

– To be honest, my shift towards IT was somewhat surprising to me too, considering my background as an economist. However, my growing interest in IT became apparent when I realized I was constantly surrounded by people in the IT industry. This exposure helped me identify the roles that intrigued me the most: Talent Acquisition and Project Management. Initially, I leaned towards an IT Researcher position, which suited my introverted nature. Over time, as I progressed and eventually became a Recruiter, I found myself overcoming my hesitation about engaging in numerous conversations with various people.

Q: Your role in bunny.net is Talent Acquisition Specialist. Could you explain, what makes bunny.net stand out among other companies in similar fields?

bunny.net was founded in 2015 with the vision of becoming a CDN provider offering exceptional customer service and affordable pricing for everyone, from individual users to large corporations. Eight years later, bunny.net operates over 1,5 million websites and serves more than 40.000 clients, still upholding its commitment to user-friendliness with straightforward features and no hidden fees. This success is a testament to what a passionate team can achieve in building a product that is accessible and beneficial to all.

As an employer, bunny.net, though based in Slovenia, now boasts a global team of 60 members, spanning from Costa Rica to Australia. We maintain a startup culture and adopt a people-first approach, always treating our employees as well as our customers. Confident in hiring the best, we are delighted to offer them the freedom and opportunities to realize their potential and contribute to making the internet hop even faster.

Q: Of the bunny.net's core values, which one resonates most closely with your personal ethos?

– It's hard to choose as all of them resonate. Let's say "kindness and striving to make the world a better place" together with "great is not just good enough".

Q: Which company benefit do you value the most and why?

– For me, it's the combination of freedom and a high level of trust. This encompasses everything from flexible working hours to the empowerment in executing my ideas, devising strategies, making decisions, and truly feeling the value I contribute to the company.

Q: What would be your top reasons for recommending others to join bunny.net?

– At bunny.net, it truly is about the people, and this sentiment goes beyond mere words for me. You can be assured that the bunny.net community is a dynamic fluffle where everyone is always ready to offer support, motivation, assistance, and enthusiasm. It's a place brimming with inspiring individuals who foster professional growth. Additionally, the opportunity to work on high-tech products from anywhere in the world, the minimal bureaucracy, transparent processes, as well as well-being and educational budgets, all contribute to a sense of personal and professional development. There's a prevailing sense that you're part of something much larger than 'just a SaaS company.

Q: Can you reveal a hobby or pastime of yours that might surprise us or is a little out of the ordinary?

– Since we moved to a cottage, I have been experimenting with gardening. I can happily say I have successfully grown some tulips and daffodils that make our garden prettier. I also travel a lot and enjoy food tasting.

Daria at her home with flowers from her own garden.

Q: If you were to create a mini-library of your favorite genres, what kinds of books and movies would fill the shelves?

– At the moment literature for children, as I read that a lot with my son :) But I am generally a book lover (not a fan of movies) and I have been reading all my life. My favorite book would definitely be a detective story, and my favorite author Agatha Christie. I also prefer fiction literature over non-fiction, as I like going deep into stories. The feeling of having another reality to dive into is wonderful.

Q: Reflecting on your personal and professional journey, what achievement do you hold closest to your heart?

– Living in a country that is affected by war, trying to live life normally, having a job, taking care of all the people around you, your family and kids, helping the army, while you don’t know what is going to happen next.

Q: If you could teleport to any place on Earth for an epic adventure, where would you find yourself?

– I think it would be the Scandinavian region as I haven’t been there yet and would want to see Fjords. I recently had a dream about being on a cruise, so, a cruise to Scandinavia would be my next destination.

Q: Hop into memory lane: What’s your most unforgettable moment with bunny.net?

– The most memorable moment would definitely be the team building organized by bunny.net in Barcelona, where I finally met everybody in person for the 1st time after eight months of remote work.

Daria finally met her team mates in sunny Spain.

Stay tuned for more enjoyable and interesting stories from bunny.net!