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2022 In Review - Reflecting on last year's highlights

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The year 2023, or as we like to call it at bunny.net, "the year of the bunny" is now properly in motion. We are working on some incredible projects to make this truly one of the most exciting years for bunny.net. We have some big announcements coming up in the following weeks and months, and we can't wait to share more.

But as our team is getting ready for the most exciting year yet, we also wanted to share some of the previous year’s highlights.

We introduced Bunny DNS!

We have ambitious plans ahead for the future of bunny.net and the problems we can help solve, but it all starts with DNS. So to help unlock all the exciting new things we're working on, DNS was the natural next step in the bunny.net product line.

However, we weren't just happy with being yet another DNS service. Our goal was to elevate DNS to the next level thanks to features such as scriptable DNS records, GeoDNS, latency-based routing, and built-in monitoring that transformed how we look at DNS. If you're not using Bunny DNS yet, have a glance at our announcement to learn more.

We helped bring privacy back to the internet with Bunny Fonts!

Recent years genuinely revealed just how important it is to keep our data safe online, and we wanted to help out. To do that, we developed a GDPR-friendly drop-in replacement for Google Fonts with a zero-logging policy that ensures your users can stop worrying about being tracked online.

Best of all, Bunny Fonts is powered by Bunny CDN to provide exceptional performance thanks to one of the fastest networks in the world. If you care about privacy, you can check out Bunny Fonts.  The integration is as simple as changing the font URL.

We expanded Bunny Storage to Sao Paulo & Johannesburg!

To unlock truly planetary scale projects, we expanded Bunny Storage into Sao Paulo and Johannesburg while keeping the same flat rate pricing as all of our other regions. This marked our storage presence on all six major continents. The new global network allows you to power truly global projects with just a few clicks and deliver incredible performance for every request. You can learn more about Bunny Storage on our website.

We launched the fastest object storage in the world!

In July, on top of expanding our existing storage platform, we introduced the Bunny Storage Edge tier, which revolutionized hot global storage. Powered by pure SSD and up to 15 regions worldwide, the Edge tier offers unparalleled performance for mission-critical files that sit, on average, less than 15 milliseconds away from the CDN.

This works incredibly well with Perma-Cache and allows you to keep your static content stored and accelerated from practically all around the world, regardless of being stored on the CDN cache or not. Especially for smaller websites, we believe this is a gamecharger and one of the most effective ways to achieve consistent high-performance loading around the world. You read more about the launch in our announcement blog post.

We celebrated our 1 millionth website!

Last year, we reached multiple exciting new milestones, some external, and some internal ones. To start with, we more than doubled our team, doubled our traffic, and, most importantly, in August, we hit the most exciting milestone of all: we reached one million websites powered by bunny.net.

This is all thanks to all of you that believe in our mission. We're truly thankful to everyone that believes in our vision of helping build a faster internet experience. It's truly amazing to be a part of a company that can influence the internet experience for hundreds of millions of internet users every month. We're genuinely passionate about continuous innovation going forward and can't wait to bring more performance and value going forward.

We launched Bunny AI, an experimental image generation service!

AI is all the hype these days, and we believe the future of content will not only be cached, but also generated on the edge. To pursue this vision, we launched our first experimental AI feature in December: Bunny AI. A new multi-model AI-powered image generation engine built straight into the CDN.

Bunny AI provides the easiest way of dynamically generating images by simply creating specially crafted URLs and is an incredible tool for use cases such as dynamic profile images, game items, or dynamic website content generation, thanks to the use of blueprints. If you would like to learn more, check out the Bunny AI announcement.

We closed our series A funding round!

Finally, our recent funding round makes the coming year the most exciting to date. In October 2022, we closed our first series of funding that we're already putting to good use.

Hopping Forward!

More than anything, we're leaving 2022 more excited than ever for what's coming next. Our teams are working extremely hard to make this the year of the bunny, both figuratively and literally. It's the beginning of the next chapter for bunny.net, and we can't wait to share more!

That being said, welcome to the #YearOfTheBunny! Stay tuned!