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We're Changing The WordPress Performance Game: Introducing The New bunny.net Plugin

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Today, WordPress powers over 40% of all websites on the internet. Yet, in a time where every millisecond matters, it's also notoriously known for quickly running into severe performance issues.

At bunny.net, we want to change that. It's our mission to help your websites hop faster, and since 2017, our plugin has already helped tens of thousands of WordPress websites ensure lightning-fast load times for users around the world.

In the past, creating great user experiences and having strong SEO usually involved investing serious time into deploying complex optimization tools, all while desperately hoping not to break your website.

We're excited to announce that those days are now gone, and we're changing the performance game for WordPress websites!

We are thrilled to introduce the new bunny.net WordPress plugin that makes CDN configuration an absolute breeze and brings incredible new features that leverage the full power of the bunny.net platform to deliver an unparalleled user experience for your visitors, along with an exciting new roadmap ahead.

New Interface: CDN Integration, Easier Than Ever

Historically, configuring a CDN on your WordPress site has been pretty tedious and error-prone. While today, many plugins come with CDN configuration options, it's very easy to make a mistake that results in your whole site going offline.

With the new bunny.net plugin, we had one key goal in mind: to make CDN configuration easier than ever before. Our easy setup wizard takes less than five minutes to configure, and you can have it set without any knowledge of coding or complex configurations during setup.

With the redesigned experience, getting started means four simple steps:

  • Install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory
  • Connect your site with your bunny.net account
  • Follow a simple wizard to set up bunny.net with just a few clicks
  • Enjoy a supercharged WordPress website!

Bunny Offloader: Supercharge Your Media Files

Uncached static files, especially from overloaded shared hosting providers, can be the real performance killers. No matter how fast your CDN is, if it's not actively caching your files, your website will have a horrible experience.

For websites with very global audiences, this can be the silent performance killer, especially with free CDN services that cram millions of websites onto a very tiny cache at the edge.

With the new plugin, we're completely changing the game thanks to the new Bunny Offloader feature.

Bunny Offloader takes all of your static WordPress and media files and automatically offloads them away from your hosting service onto our ultra-fast SSD-powered, globally replicated storage of up to 15 regions that sits, on average, just 30ms away from the CDN.

Whenever Bunny CDN requests an uncached file, it will automatically fetch it from the closest storage region instead of traveling across the world to your origin. This can result in up to 90% faster load times by reducing the distance between the CDN and your hosting server.

Bunny Offloader combines the full power of the bunny.net platform by leveraging our CDN, Optimizer, Edge Storage, and DNS to deliver unmatched performance benefits from one of the leading edge platforms to help you hop ahead.

Moreover, if you're struggling with excess disk space on your hosting account, this can help you scale with ease without ever worrying about running out of space, making your WordPress media storage infinitely scalable.

Bunny Optimizer: Compress Your Static Files

A crucial part of a fast website is optimizing your media files. Huge images or bloated CSS and JavaScript files can quickly add up and create large delays when displaying content to your users.

With the new plugin, Bunny Optimizer comes built-in, making it easier than ever to automatically optimize your images, CSS, and JavaScript files to achieve up to 80% compression and automatically adapt image sizes for mobile and desktop devices to further reduce your loading times.

On top of that, Bunny Optimizer gives you many powerful image manipulation features, such as dynamic image processing, smart cropping, watermarking, and the Smart Preloader feature, which can help you maintain a great user experience when your server has a hiccup.

Bunny Fonts: Enhance Visitor Privacy

At bunny.net, we believe in putting privacy first and making sure your data belongs to you. To battle big tech tracking our every move, we launched Bunny Fonts in 2022 with the goal of bringing privacy back into your own hands.

The new plugin allows you to easily bring these benefits to your users as well, and enhance your visitors privacy. Being an EU-based company, Bunny Fonts also simplifies strict GDPR and data compliance. It automatically replaces any Google-hosted fonts with a drop-in alternative hosted by bunny.net with a zero-logging policy.

Better Statistics Without Leaving WordPress

To create an incredible user experience, we created a new streamlined dashboard from which you can get useful performance metrics. So, without leaving WordPress, you can look over your account balance, past month’s usage, content delivery bandwidth, cache hit ratios, check your preferences, and even get statistics charts!

This way, you can focus on your content and get everything you need in one place without having to log into multiple different services.

Supercharge Your WordPress Website Today

If you want to take your WordPress performance to the next level, make sure to try the updated bunny.net plugin. It only takes three simple steps to configure through the automatic wizard!

If you'd like a hand, we've also prepared a step-by-step guide on how to set up your website using the new plugin. If you run into any issues, make sure to also reach out to our Super Bunnies for help, and they will be happy to assist.

More Performance Ahead!

Our vision for the bunny.net plugin is to make it the ultimate performance tool for your WordPress website and help you deliver exceptional user experiences without having to combine multiple complex plugins and services.

We have an exciting roadmap ahead, such as edge HTML caching, Bunny Stream integration, origin connection optimization, and even more optimization features to keep leveling up your performance game and help you hop even faster.

Keep an eye out for further updates!