Introducing MediaCage Enterprise: Simplified Video Security for Creators and Businesses

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With the rise of the internet, video content has become fundamental to online creation. Both in large corporations and among individual hobbyists, video is a key medium for engagement. Protecting video content requires a multi-faceted approach, including processing and verifying ownership, to prevent unauthorized use and ownership disputes.

At, we understand the complexities of video content delivery and work tirelessly  to simplify it. In 2021, we launched Bunny Stream to streamline media processing with video transcoding and integrated playback. Now, we're taking a significant leap forward simplifying enterprise-grade media security with MediaCage Enterprise DRM, a cutting-edge, ready-for-business Multi-DRM solution offering top-tier media protection.

For the first time ever, developers now have the opportunity to easily implement enterprise-grade DRM, designed to meet the security requirements of Hollywood studios for video content protection, without jumping through all the hoops. Starting at an accessible price of just $99/month, makes implementing robust security more feasible than ever.

MediaCage Enterprise DRM uses Google’s Widevine and Apple’s FairPlay technologies to provide an end-to-end solution, from uploading to encryption and processing. This solution, with its pre-integrated video player, delivers your media content across major web browsers, smart TVs, and iOS, Android devices quickly and securely.

Schema showing how a source video is processed using Bunny Enterprise DRM.

Schema showing how Bunny Stream communicates between the CDN, devices, browser, and Bunny Enterprise DRM. 

Securing your content with Bunny MediaCage DRM

Digital Right Management (DRM) is a critical tool for content creators. Without DRM, your work is vulnerable to theft, piracy, and even bad actors claiming your work as their own.

Bunny MediaCage DRM secures your content against these common forms of intellectual property (IP) theft. For content creators who make paywalled content, DRM adds an extra layer of security by preventing unwanted downloads or screen grabs.

Enterprise-grade security at your fingertips

Delivering video media today is, unfortunately, a mess. In addition to basic transcoding, videos need to be transcribed by one service, delivered by another, and secured using yet another service. Bunny Stream aims to simplify video delivery by packaging otherwise complex standalone products such as CDN, transcoding, storage, AI transcribe, and a video player into a single, simple to use package.

We founded to bring tools and features usually restricted to large enterprises to the hands of every developer. We’re taking another step towards building a better internet by bringing enterprise-grade multi-DRM closer to  developers.

Previously, Bunny Stream relied on a third-party DRM proxy and multiple vendors for complete protection. To further streamline the process, the Bunny Stream team incorporated an enterprise-grade Multi-DRM with a simple, few-clicks integration.

Our original goal was to make activating the MediaCage Enterprise DRM feature a simple, one-click process. However, due FairPlay’s security requirements, we needed to prioritize compliance instead. As a result, the first step is contacting our team, who will help you get started. This approach helps us maintain stringent security while providing you with the efficient service you need.

Despite these hurdles,’s solution is designed to be one of the most user-friendly and accessible DRM solutions available today for developers, marking significant progress towards a more efficient and secure internet.

Simplify content protection now

To get started with MediaCage Enterprise DRM, the first step is to contact our sales team. This initial contact will set the process in motion.

After you provide your FairPlay certificate, the rest of the setup process is streamlined for ease of use. You'll create a new Bunny Stream library and enable MediaCage Enterprise DRM with just one click.

Once you upload your files, Bunny Stream takes over the technical heavy lifting. We'll transcode, encrypt, and package your videos, ensuring they're securely delivered through our content delivery network.

UI screenshot highlighting the new Enterprise DRM badge on a video library.

As always, we're proud to have taken another hop towards building a better and more secure internet by taking some of the hassle out of an essential security process.

Ready to implement video content security? Contact us today.