Enterprise Multi DRM

Hollywood grade protection. With a single click.

Take complete control of your content distribution with an enterprise-grade, multi-DRM solution designed to secure media on major Web, iOS, and Android devices. Effortlessly integrate into your existing streaming workflow with an end-to-end solution from upload to delivery.

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Upload, Protect, and Deliver with MediaCage.

Enable DRM

Enable DRM

Enable the Multi-DRM system with just one click post-license submission.



Upload your media files using Bunny’s API or web file manager.



Deliver your encrypted videos safely via embed iframe code.

Note: Enterprise DRM ensures that videos are encrypted during the transcoding process and stored securely in the storage

Boundless Protection. Round the Clock.

Stop users from pirating your videos and keep your content secure.

Keep your videos secure
Keep your videos secure

Prevent downloads

Safeguard your revenue, prevent unauthorized video downloads, and maintain total content control.

Keep your videos secure

Stop Screen Recorders

Level up your security by preventing screen recorders & stopping even the most advanced users from re-distributing your content.

Keep your videos secure

Block Screenshots

Take absolute control of your content and prevent viewers from even taking screenshots of your videos.

Endless security. Limitless Delivery.

From media transcoding, packaging, to DRM encryption and license management with an integrated player.
Enteprise Multi DRM
DRM Comparison
MediaCage Basic DRM
MediaCage Enterprise DRM
Browser support(*)
Native iOS, Android support(*)
Fairplay, Widevine support
ClearKey AES-128
Pre-integrated player
Secure key management
Download protection
Screen grab protection(**)
Custom player support
Starting at 99$
(*) Supports major browsers & iOS/Android. Check Widevine, FairPlay docs for specific compatibility.
(**) You can read more about Widevine DRM Security Levels and Limitations here.

DRM Pricing. Simplified.

Simple and straightforward pricing. At any scale.

$99 /month + DRM License Fees

Enteprise level protection that’s easy on your wallet. Our scalable, user-focused approach ensures that your costs are always in line with your actual usage, providing both flexibility and affordability. Our pricing is designed to be flexible, pay only for DRM licenses used, plus a monthly base fee.

Pay as you scale

Simple and innovative pricing that scales with your needs. Start at just $99 a month, then add a little hop per DRM licenses consumed per month:

0-20k: $0.005/month per license
20k-100k: $0.004/month per license
100k - 500k: $0.003/month per license
500k+: Custom pricing

You can find more info in our documentation.

Perfect solution.
For any business.

Perfect DRM solution

Stop losing revenue to users downloading and sharing your content. Push your protection strategy to the next level with an enterprise-grade multi-DRM system. Prevent downloads, screen recording, or even screenshots. Reduce costs and development time with a simplified workflow.

Streaming Services

Streaming Services

Stop losing subscribers to piracy and stream media content on your terms.

Online Courses

Online Courses

Take complete control of your content and limit access to courses or specific videos as you see fit.

Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Stop piracy before it happens and ensure your content stays available only to your subscribers.

Perfect DRM solution

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