Hopping ahead with new PoPs in Myanmar, Belgium, Bahrain, Bolivia, and Cambodia!

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bunny.net operates one of the fastest global networks in the world. However, that doesn't mean we sit with our paws up and think our job is done. Quite the opposite, in fact. In pursuit of our mission of making the internet hop faster, we're constantly exploring new regions to expand to and continually trying to push performance to the next level.

Today, we're excited to announce five new regions that we added to our global network over the past few months. Combined, these bring your content closer to almost 100 million internet users across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and LATAM and make your web presence hop further ahead in the global race where every millisecond matters.

Below, we explore how each of these expansions helped us get there.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

To start with, we're delighted to share the expansion to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. With the new datacenter, we reduced the latency in the country by almost 50% and brought over 10 million internet users just milliseconds away from your content.

Cambodia Median Latency (monthly, ms)

Even before expanding into Phnom Penh, bunny.net was already the fastest CDN in Cambodia, but the new PoP takes things a step further. Thanks to the local presence, we achieved a massive 75% reduction compared to some legacy CDNs such as Akamai.

Cambodia Median Latency Comparison (monthly, ms)

Yangon, Myanmar

Next on the list is the new PoP in Yangon, Myanmar. Previously served from Bangkok over 500km away, Myanmar also received a noticeable boost in performance. While we still have work to do, we reduced the median latency by 15% and the latency towards some of the major ISPs by as much as 90% by bringing content locally.

Myanmar Median Latency (monthly, ms)

While bunny.net is not the absolute fastest within Myanmar just yet, we've closed the gap with AWS and hopped past Akamai and Fastly with up to 30% lower median latency. Our infrastructure team continues to work hard on the region to optimize routes, and we expect further improvements in 2024.

Myanmar Median Latency Comparison (monthly, ms)

However, in the bigger picture, even small steps add up. Thanks to the two new expansions, bunny.net further positions itself as a clear leader in Asia, with a significantly lower latency across the continent than any other major CDN. Best of all, we do that while charging only a fraction of the cost.

Asia Median Latency (daily, ms)

Brussels, Belgium

Being based in Europe, we're holding it close to our hearts to build the region's fastest and most robust network. With that in mind, we are excited to announce our expansion in Brussels, Belgium, where we achieved a modest but measurable improvement.

Belgium Median Latency (daily, ms)

Despite small improvements, the Brussels PoP helped us bridge the gap in Europe. Today, we're thrilled to see bunny.net hopping ahead and providing better internet experiences for our users, with latency as much as 20% lower than legacy CDN providers.

Europe Median Latency (monthly, ms)

La Paz, Bolivia

Last year, bunny.net had a huge push in LATAM, and we continued this in 2023 with the expansion of our High Volume tier to Sao Paulo. Today, we're excited to push this even further with the addition of our latest PoP in La Paz, Bolivia, which reduced the median latency in the country by over 30%.

Bahrain Median Latency (monthly, ms)

The expansion pushed content closer than ever to over ten million internet users in the country and reduced the latency by up to 50% compared to most other CDNs.

Bolivia Median Latency Comparison (daily, ms)

The expansion further cemented bunny.net as the fastest CDN in South America as we continue pushing the performance bar forward.

South America Median Latency (daily, ms)

Manama, Bahrain

Last but not least is Manama, Bahrain. Despite its small population of less than 1.5 million, we're thrilled to be able to build better internet experiences there, with up to 50% reduced latency in an otherwise difficult-to-reach region.

Bahrain Median Latency (monthly, ms)

Once again, we're thrilled to see bunny.net hopping ahead with an impressive median latency as low as ten milliseconds, 70% lower than Akamai.

Bahrain Median Latency Comparison (Daily, ms)

Finally, let's look at the regional performance across the Middle East, which is often neglected by other major CDN providers. At bunny.net, on the other hand, we believe in building better internet experiences everywhere. Thanks to this, we've been able to reduce the median latency in the region by up to 60% compared to other networks.

Middle East Median Latency (daily, ms)

Making the internet hop faster!

At bunny.net, we don't just talk about performance. We live, breathe, and constantly build towards our mission: to make the internet hop faster.

We also believe that every developer, not just enterprises, should have access to the tools to build incredible online experiences, and all five locations have already been live and enabled for all bunny.net customers at no extra cost.

If you're already using bunny.net, we're excited to say that your websites just got even faster. If not, make sure to check our full global network and give it a try!

We're thrilled to see the performance gains of the new expansions, but as always, we're not stopping here. Our infrastructure team is currently busy setting up multiple new locations in Asia and Africa to continue building even better internet experiences for millions of people. We're excited to share more soon!

Help us build a better internet!

If you're passionate about networking and infrastructure and want to join us on our mission of making the internet hop faster, make sure to check out our careers page. bunny.net operates thousands of servers around the world, and we're looking for exceptional talent to join our infrastructure team and help us keep running and continually improving one of the fastest networks in the world.