The 2023 Bunny Hops: Speed, Expansions, and Innovations Recapped

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Last year, we made the internet hop faster. In 2023, we introduced groundbreaking innovations, passed the 40,000 customer mark, expanded our global network, grew our talented team, and forged strategic partnerships.

Hop along with us and see how we innovated last year, from reducing latency worldwide to simplifying content management.

Hopping Ahead as the World's Fastest Content Delivery Network

Last year, we made strategic network expansions and enhanced our hardware based on millions of data points. All of this paid off. In 2023, we consistently hopped faster than other CDNs.

We maintained a global average latency of only 25.45 milliseconds, according to CDNPerf, an independent organization that benchmarks CDNs.

For more details, you can check out our recent comprehensive CDN performance comparison, including monthly latency metrics that showcase the performance of CDN vendors throughout 2023 and across different global regions.

Expanding Global Network: Bringing Your Content Closer to Your Users

In 2023, expanded its already extensive global network by adding eight new regions to its 115 points of presence worldwide. With each expansion, we brought content closer to end users, prioritizing speed and efficiency.

Let's take a closer look at these strategic locations:


  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Reduced latency by nearly 50%, becoming the fastest CDN in Cambodia.
  • Yangon, Myanmar: Improved performance with a 15% latency reduction and better ISP connectivity.
  • Tokyo, Japan:  Cut latency by up to 90%.
  • Hong Kong: Expanded network presence in East Asia, improving content delivery speed.
  • Manama, Bahrain: Reduced latency by 50%, becoming the fastest CDN in Bahrain.


  • Brussels, Belgium: Achieved a 20% lower latency.

Latin America

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil: Cut latency by 67% on average for Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay. No more hops through Miami to deliver LatAm!
  • La Paz, Bolivia: Cut latency by 30%.

Learn more here.

Launching the New Experience

In 2023, we completely redesigned the dashboard with new features and enhancements to ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience for our users.

While we wanted to make sure our dashboard looked great, our main goal was to take the user experience to the next level. We achieved that through many small but impactful UX changes, such as adding global search, improving navigation, adding an easily accessible Add Zone button, and streamlining zone management.

We also added a dark mode! (Which is, objectively, the best setting on any application.)

The new dashboard

Under the hood, we completely rebuilt the dashboard, taking advantage of the  Angular framework. This allowed us to leave behind years of legacy code and enabled us to launch new features faster.

Bunny Academy: Free Knowledge Base for Learning About the Internet

To empower users with knowledge and understanding of the internet, we partnered with the University of Ljubljana to create Bunny Academy. This free knowledge base provides accessible learning resources to help you learn how the internet works.

Whether you're a beginner or a bunny master, you can demonstrate your knowledge today. Choose your expertise level, test your knowledge, and earn a bunny diploma with an A+. If you complete the quiz with stellar results, we'll provide credits to use in your account.

With over 90 articles covering various topics like networking, CDN, cybersecurity, and more, Bunny Academy is your go-to destination for expanding your internet knowledge. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's always something new to learn at the Bunny Academy.

Smart Preloader: Eliminating Frustrating Wait Times

We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a website to load. That's why we introduced the Smart Preloader feature to combat this issue. The Smart Preloader ensures that users no longer have to stare at a blank screen while waiting for a website to finish loading by delivering a customizable HTML preview while loading data from the origin server.

When a website takes longer than 300 ms to load, our preload screen appears to reassure users that the site is on its way - reducing bounce rates and improving the user experience. We engineered this feature with a strict focus on performance, adding almost zero overhead.

Learn more.

AI Transcribe for Bunny Stream: Simplifying Video Workflows

At, we understand the vital role of video content in engaging and effectively conveying your message to your customers. That's why we introduced AI Transcribe for Bunny Stream, our comprehensive video delivery solution. This feature automatically transcribes, captions, summarizes, and translates your video content, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

With Bunny Stream and AI Transcribe, content creators and organizations that process media no longer need to invest heavily in engineering or juggle various vendor APIs for tasks like transcoding, encryption, transcription, translation, summarization, and player playback. We've seamlessly integrated all these elements into Bunny Stream with AI Transcribe.

Simply use our user-friendly API or web dashboard to upload your videos. We take care of everything, including uploading, storage, customizable transcoding up to 4K, security, seamless content delivery, customizable players, and AI-driven titles, descriptions, and translation into 57 languages.

Learn more.

Enhanced GDPR Compliance with Routing Filters

Last year, we put privacy first by creating Routing Filters, a feature that simplifies GDPR compliance for businesses. This powerful tool lets you fine-tune your CDN routing behavior to adhere to GDPR regulations.

By enabling Routing Filters, you can restrict data transmission so data only passes through datacenters located within the European Union, isolating EU traffic where it will be handled according to the highest standards of privacy and security.

Plus, we made steps towards finalizing our ISO certification to meet most global compliance standards. We're starting 2024 close to the finish line for that goal.

Behind the Scenes: Pushing Performance Boundaries

We're always finding new ways to enhance and expand our network. Last year, we heavily invested in upgrading our infrastructure and connectivity, transitioning a significant portion of our hardware stack to state-of-the-art AMD CPUs and NVMe storage, coupled with lightning-fast uplinks of up to 100Gbit.

We also built strong partnerships with ISPs such as Softbank, NTT Docomo, KDDI, Optag, Biglob, Awal Telecom, Unitel Mongolia, and industry leaders such as WP Rocket to deliver even better experiences to our users. These collaborations allow us to leverage their tools to further enhance our services.

Despite our achievements, we never rest on our paws. Our team is continuously researching, innovating, and striving to improve our network and services.

Partnership with WP Rocket

Building a faster internet is all about collaboration. Just a few months ago, we announced our partnership with WP Rocket, one of the most popular WordPress plugins in the world. This collaboration is all about combining the power of a fantastic optimization tool with our lightning-fast CDN service.

WP Rocket has built a strong reputation in the WordPress caching plugin market, supporting over 12,000 websites and delivering exceptional performance.

After StackPath shuttered their CDN late last year, WP Rocket teamed up with to not only keep their customers online but also to offer an improved backbone for their content delivery needs.

By teaming up with WP Rocket, we're bringing increased speed and performance improvements to websites worldwide.

The Roadmap for

In 2023, we made significant progress on our roadmap. Here's a sneak peek at our ongoing initiatives, all aimed at delivering top performance and innovation to our customers. Stay tuned for our full release post for all the details:

  • Edge Compute
  • Live Stream
  • Bunny Shield
  • Completely redesigned WordPress plugin
  • Rebuild Bunny Storage with S3 compatibility in mind

Instead of rushing a product launch, we've decided to rebuild Bunny Storage to ensure S3 compatibility and scalability. While we can't give an exact release date, we're aiming for a 2024 launch. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience with this feature.

2023: A Year of Hopping Achievements and Innovations at

The team hopped ahead in 2023, and we're just getting started. We came out of 2023 ready to innovate with a high-performance global network with strategically placed points of presence, strong partnerships, and cutting-edge hardware.

While the Year of The Bunny is coming to an end, the Year of The Dragon is just around the corner.