How FilmMusic is sharing music with the world

The move to was transformative for FilmMusic. Where users once waited three seconds for pages to load, Bunny CDN accelerated the process, cutting down latency to less than a tenth of its original time.

Quick Overview

Quick Overview

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About FilmMusic

About FilmMusic

Programmer by day, musician by night. Around 2011, Sascha started making tracks. Once he started sharing them, he found other music-sharing platforms lacking. So he built his own!

Today, is a totally free, volunteer-run, donation-funded website. With contributors and visitors in 189 countries, they now host an impressive library of 6,000 original tracks. The site has features you’d want to see in premium music platforms, like a recommendations feature that finds new tracks based on your listening habits.

In 2019, Sascha reached out to ask to partner with him. really resonated with us, so we said yes. We also gave him some art to use on the site, so you’ll see some familiar bunnies if you check it out.

FilmMusic Case Study

The Challenges

The Challenges

As the passion project of just one rogue programmer, couldn’t improve if that one programmer was focused on running servers and making incremental optimization improvements.There were service issues he couldn’t ignore. Some visitors had to wait as long as 3 seconds to stream a song, and then 3 seconds to stream another song, and then 3 seconds again...

The larger the community became, the more images needed to serve as well.Album covers, profile pictures, and forum content added to the site’s bandwidth needs. The more the community grew, the more content needed to be hosted. strong>Costs were a concern, but what Sascha really needed was time. He wanted to focus on building new features - not waste time worrying about server configuration.

Sascha Ende Filmmusic

“If I didn't use Bunny, I would have to make my own CDN to deliver JavaScript, CSS, and all the images. It takes a lot of load away from my server. Now I can concentrate on cool features and not scaling or load balancing.”

Sascha Ende


The Solution

The Solution

FIlmMusic Case Study was already using, because they got the speed they needed at an affordable rate. Sascha was already happy with the service, so he figured he’d ask us to team up.

We looked into it, and decided it was exactly our jam: a community-funded, volunteer website dedicated to sharing free-to-use music, that saw the available platforms and said, “We could do better.”

See, started the same way. Our CEO, Dejan, was building his own website just for fun. When he wanted to host more images and videos, he looked into CDNs and wasn’t impressed by the other CDNs on the market. So he built his own!So you could say we saw a bit of ourselves in the project. But more than that, we think Filmmusic is the kind of website the internet needs.

FIlmMusic Case Study

The Results

The Results

We at are huge supporters of the open internet, and we're here to back it up! can now dive deep into creative development, leaving all the boring server maintenance to us.

Ever since started using our services, download speeds have transformed into a swift and crisp experience. Images no longer slow down the site's performance, and songs effortlessly flow without interruption, regardless of your location.’s users can really feel the difference, and visit longer than before the switch. We're all ears to hear what does next, and they're tuned in to our next big moves. They keep humming, we keep hopping.

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