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  • Powered Websites
    Powered Websites
  • Faster Load Time
    Up to 5x
    Faster Load Time
  • Global PoPs
    Global PoPs
  • As low as
    As low as

Shorten distance. Improve website load time.

Speed up your website by up to 80% with our global network by bringing the content closer to your visitors. By integrating Bunny CDN, you’ll improve your loading speeds, reduce bounce rate, and increase conversions. Everything you need to stand out from the competition is just a few simple clicks away!

Without CDN
CDN load time comparison - bunny.net
secondsWebsite Load Time

Connecting your visitors directly to the origin server from all around the world
is not a good thing. It increases the latency, slows down your Website speed, and delivers a far worse user experience!

Website load time without CDN
With Bunny CDN
CDN load time comparison - bunny.net
secondsWebsite Load Time

Bringing your content closer to your visitors will minimize the latency, maximize performance, and improve your bounce rate. With Bunny CDN, your website will hop as fast as a bunny!

Load time with Bunny CDN

Experience website performance like
never before

Supercharge your WordPress Website with a simple 1-click plugin installation. Take advantage of next-gen WordPress CDN delivery packed with robust security features and backed by an 150 Tbps+ network. Stay focused on your product, and let us take care of everything else.

  • Simple Installation

  • From $1/month

  • Up to 5x Faster Website

  • DDoS Protection

  • No Hidden Fees

  • 123 Global PoPs

Best WordPress CDN on the market

Best WordPress CDN on the market

Maximize your growth and expansion without care with our 150 Tbps+ network.

Tier 1 Global Network

Tier 1 Global Network

Connect directly to your users with over 3000 ISPs and 14 Tier 1 transit providers. Anywhere.

NVMe+ SSD Servers

NVMe+ SSD Servers

Optimize delivery and reduce latency with top of the line AMD and NVMe hardware.

Stay Protected

Stay Protected

Stay safe and focused with a built-in next-generation DDoS protection that just works.

Speed up your website in under 5 minutes

The Best WordPress CDN Plugin

Set up and get started with just a few clicks in under 5 minutes. WordPress CDN installation and integration is super easy, hassle-free, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Still not sure if you’re up for the challenge? Check out our Step-by-Step guide or contact our super bunnies to help you out!







The Best WordPress CDN Plugin

Not just faster but also safer

Improve security, protect your content, and stop vulnerabilities.

Free SSL Encryption

Free SSL Encryption

Utilize free SSL Encryption for all of your Websites and Files hosted on bunny.net network

Image Watermark Protection

Image Watermark Protection

Protect your images from hotlinking or being shared without credit.

Prevent Video Downloading

Prevent Video Downloading

Enable Media Cage to prevent your video from being shared or downloaded.

Reduce image size
up to 80%

Reduce Image Size Wordpress CDN

Push your website performance to the speed of light with Bunny Optimizer. Reduce image file size up to 80% and change them to web-friendly WebP Format. Enabling Bunny Optimizer will improve your website speed by up to 30% and truly make you stand out from the rest!

  • 80% Reduce Image Size

  • WeBP Transformation

  • Up to 30% Faster

  • Minimize Load Time

Reduce Image Size Wordpress CDN

Protect your videos from being stolen

Protect Videos WordPress CDN

Don’t want your video to be shared or downloaded? Media Cage locks your videos and prevents them from downloading or sharing outside your website. It is the perfect solution for online courses and videos you want to keep strictly on your site.

Protect Videos WordPress CDN

Seamless and easy integration with
popular WordPress plugins

Get the best experience possible by combing bunny.net with popular WordPress Plugins. It takes just a few clicks, and your website will work even faster and bring you better results!

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