Bunny Stream Pricing

Simplified pricing. Up to 10x lower cost.

Simplified pricing.
Up to 10x lower cost.

Utilize video player, transcoding, and all security features completely free
of charge. Only pay for the traffic you use!

Traditional Cloud Provider

From $0.02/GB
From $0.085/GB
  • Expensive transcoding fees

  • Bring and integrate your own external player

  • Complex integration with additional charges

  • Centralized storage prone to bottlenecks

Bunny Stream

From $0.01/GB
From $0.005/GB
  • No security fees

  • No transcoding fees

  • Free player included

  • Distributed video storage

  • Extreme performance with 150 Tbps+ backbone

Powerful features. Amazing performance.

Get lightning-fast performance, robust security, and unlimited scalability. Everything you need to hop faster.

$1 Monthly Minimum

$1 Monthly Minimum

All features included for
as little as $1 per month.

Toggle Zones ON/OFF

Toggle Zones ON/OFF

Control your CDN costs by enabling & disabling regions with a click of a button.

No Transcoding Fees

No Transcoding Fees

Only pay for the storage and
bandwidth you actually use.

Multiple Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options

Pay with PayPal, majority of credit cards, as well as BTC.

Flexible Storage Costs

Flexible Storage Costs

Select up to 8 storage regions to control performance and cost.

All Features Included

All Features Included

Use all of our advanced features without any extra charges.

Calculate your monthly bill

Enter your monthly traffic to calculate estimated pricing.

Upload video size 300 GB
Monthly Traffic 50 GB
Replication points 1
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four
  • Five
  • Six
  • Seven
  • Eight
Price$0.01/ Gigabyte
Pricing - bunny.net

Enterprise Support Plans

Expertise support service that meets your needs.

Always on hand

Need a team on call 24/7 for your mission-critical applications? Take advantage of our enterprise support that is here for you 24/7 for all inquiries, not just incidents and problems.

What’s included?What’s included?

  • 24/7 availability

  • Private Slack channel

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Direct communication with developers

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Hop ahead with bunny.net products

Get all the tools you need to bring performance and security to the next level.

Bunny Storage

Bunny Storage

From $0.01 /GB

See pricing details
Bunny Optimizer

Bunny Optimizer

$9.50 /website

See pricing details
Bunny CDN

Bunny CDN

From $0.002 /GB

See pricing details

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