Website Acceleration

Make your website hop like a bunny

Make your website
hop like a bunny

Turn your website from a snail into a bunny. Deliver the best possible experience to your users with our global CDN and optimizer service. Speed up your website beyond the limits!

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  • Powered Websites
    Powered Websites
  • Global PoPs
    Global PoPs
  • Faster Load Times
    Up to 5x
    Faster Load Times
  • Satisfied Customers
    Satisfied Customers

Bring your content closer to your users

A shorter distance makes your website load faster. With our global network, your customers are always just a hop away.

Without CDN
CDN load time comparison -
secondsWebsite Load Time

Connecting your visitors directly to your server from worldwide is not a good thing. It increases the latency, slows down your website speed, and delivers a far worse user experience!

Website Load Time
With Bunny CDN
CDN load time comparison -
secondsWebsite Load Time

By bringing your content closer to your visitors you will minimize latency, maximize performance and reduce your bounce rate. With Bunny CDN, your website will hop as fast as a bunny!

CDN Web Acceleration

Amazing performance. Every time.

Hop on one of the fastest global networks in the world. Supercharge your website speeds to the maximum and deliver the best possible experience for your visitors. Take advantage of enterprise-grade performance at the most affordable price on the market!

  • From $1/month

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Perma-Caching

  • Real-Time Monitoring

  • DDoS Protection

  • Free SSL Certificate

Boost Performance

Boost Performance

Keep your content on the edge, get closer to your users and hop ahead of the competition.

Win User Experience

Win User Experience

Delight your visitors with an unforgettable user experience thanks to faster website load times.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs

Eliminate enormous costs for high volume downloads with a simple pay-as-you-go pricing.

Stay Protected

Stay Protected

Stay safe and focused with a built-in next-generation DDoS protection that just works.

Simple, fast, and easy integration with the majority of popular CMS systems

Integrate with the most popular CMS systems in just a few clicks. Get started in under 5 minutes.

Not just faster but also safer

Improve security, protect your content, and stop vulnerabilities.

Free SSL

Free SSL

Take advantage of a free SSL certificate with a single button click.

123 Global PoPs

123 Global PoPs

Supercharge your website delivery with strategically placed global PoPs.

Tier 1 Network

Tier 1 Network

Join a network powered by carefully selected providers with top-tier data centers.

Hotlinking Protection

Hotlinking Protection

Easily protect your images from being shared on other websites with domain protection.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing

Route your users where it matters based on your content with the SmartEdge™ routing engine.

Bunny Optimizer

Bunny Optimizer

Optimize your images and minify your CSS/JS files for maximum performance.

Decrease bounce rate. Improve conversion.

Improve Conversion Rate CDN

Did you know that 40% of users abandon a page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds? Speed up your website to decrease your bounce rate, increase
conversions and maximize your profits!

  • Decrease Bounce Rate

  • Increase Conversions

  • Improve SEO

  • Improve User Experience

Improve Conversion Rate CDN

Reduce image size up to 80% with Bunny Optimizer

Reduce Image Size CDN

Push your website performance to the speed of light with Bunny Optimizer. Reduce image file size up to 80% and change them to web-friendly WebP Format. Enabling Bunny Optimizer will improve your website speed by up to 30% and truly make you stand out from the rest!

  • 80% Reduce Image Size

  • WeBP Transformation

  • Up to 30% Faster

  • Minimize Load Time

Reduce Image Size CDN

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