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Make it your own

Maximize branding power by customizing every aspect
of your player down to the CDN hostname.

Fully Customizable CDN Media Player
Fully Customizable CDN Media Player

Choose Your Color

Customize the video player color scheme to match the design of your website perfectly.

Fully Customizable CDN Media Player

Adjust Your Language

Select between over 30 different languages for the UI of the player.

Fully Customizable CDN Media Player

Customize Your Controls

Add or remove player controls to make it a perfect fit for your users’ experience.

Elevate your video experience

Deliver the best video experience with a next-generation video player packed with powerful features.

  • Video Chapters
    Video Chapters
  • Captions and Subtitles
    Captions and Subtitles
  • Adjustable Video Speed
    Adjustable Video Speed
  • Highlight Moments
    Highlight Moments
  • Jump back and forward
    Jump back and forward
  • Retention Graph
    Retention Graph

Video Chapters

Add video chapters to your videos to allow viewers to navigate through the video more easily.

Captions and Subtitles

Add captions, subtitles, or notes to the videos in various languages for a better video experience.

Adjustable Video Speed

Seamlessly speed up or slow down video with just a few clicks. Choose video speed from 0.5x up to 4x.

Highlight Moments

Add highlight moments to your videos to highlight the most exciting points of the video.

Jump back and forward

Move forwards and backward in the video by 10 seconds by utilizing dedicated jump buttons.

Retention Graph

Display watch time heatmap in the video player to allow viewers to find popular parts of the video.

Protect videos from being stolen

bunny enterprise drm media cage

Securely deliver videos only to the audience it is intended for. With the Media Cage DRM system, protecting your content is as simple as clicking a button. Media Cage helps you stay in complete control of your videos, prevent downloads, and set up tokenized control to ensure they are only displayed where you want them to be. Never worry about your videos being compromised. Ever again.

bunny enterprise drm media cage

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