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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We prepared answers!

Look over some of bunny.net’s most frequently asked questions about our service, pricing, getting started and everything else in the middle.


What can I do if I haven't received a verification email?

Please make sure to check your spam folder as well as any other folders generated by your email provider. If you still can not find the verification email, don't hesitate to contact our support.

Where can I find my Account API Key?

You can find the Account API key on the Account page here. If you do not see the API Key and are using a subaccount, please ask the main Account owner to provide the key to you.

I am unable to close my account. What can I do?

If you would like to close your bunny.net account, you can delete it and all associated data on your account page. Before you can close your account, you need to delete all your Zones and Video Libraries. Finish the process by clicking on the "Close my account" button. You won't be able to close your account if you have a negative account balance or have not confirmed the account email address.

If you have done everything listed above, but the button is still greyed out, please wait and check again in a little while. Sometimes it takes time for the data to be securely erased in the backend - this can take hours, sometimes days.

Do credits on my account expire?

Your credits are safe and will never expire. However, we require a $1 minimum usage each month as long as you have active zones on your account. If your monthly usage is below $1, your usage will be rounded up and you will be charged $1 for that month.

Do you accept adult content?

We happily accept any adult and other content as long as it is legal.


Which payment methods do you support?

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club, American Express, and Bitcoin — all with no extra fees. Bank transfer payments are also available upon request.

Is it possible to change the pricing tier of a pull zone?

You can change the pricing tier for a pull zone at any given time by opening the Pull Zone and proceeding to "Pricing". There, you can select both the tier, as well as any specific pricing region you wish to enable or disable.

Where can I find my invoices?

For each of your payments, an automatic invoice is generated. If you have email notifications enabled, you will get an email with the invoice attached.

You can also download all of your invoices — at any time — on the account billing panel. Once invoices are available, a "download" button will appear next to the payment record.

How does bunny.net billing work?

bunny.net operates on a Pay-As-You-Go billing system. This means that you'll only be charged for the resources you've used. Funds are deducted from your account on an hourly basis.

Why am I being charged $1 every month?

A minimum value of $1 per month is charged on accounts with active zones. Simply put: you'll be charged $1 per month if your usage is <$1.00. This fee is included to provide exceptional support for every user on the platform and maintain great cache HIT rates.

How do I pause my bunny.net account?

To pause your bunny.net account and avoid being charged $1 per month, you need to remove all the Zones and Video Libraries from your account.

So long as you have no active storage zones (i.e. any zones with data stored) or pull zones, the minimum will not be applicable.

What is Minimum Account Balance and how does it work?

In order to keep your service online, you are required to keep a positive account credit balance. Our system will automatically send multiple warning emails if your account balance drops beyond a certain point. If you fail to recharge your account, the system will automatically suspend your account (and all your pull zones). After a prolonged period of 2 months of non-payment, any data in your storage zones will also be permanently deleted. Therefore, we suggest that you always keep your account balance in good standing.

I am unable to recharge my account.

Before you can recharge your bunny.net account, you need to update your Account Details. Once you enter all of the necessary details, you will be able to recharge funds via the Billing page.

If you're unable to fill the "Name" or "Surname" field(s), it means that you're using a subaccount. Please get in touch with the "team" account owner as only they can add/update information on the Account Details page.

How can I remove my saved payment option?

To remove a saved payment option, you need to open the Billing page and click on the "Recharge Account" button. Once the pop-up opens, there will be a small "Edit" button above your saved payment methods list. Clicking on it will allow you to remove your saved payment methods.

What is Auto-Recharge and how does it work?

The "Auto-Recharge" feature allows you to automatically recharge your account balance for a set amount once your account balance drops below a pre-set threshold. Before you can enable the auto-recharge option, you need to make at least one manual payment. If you wish to change your saved payment option, you will again be required to recharge manually (to verify your payment method) before enabling the auto-recharge option.

With "Auto-Recharge" enabled, our system will check your account balance once a day and initiate a recharge if needed.

How does traffic billing work?

We will charge your account for each outbound byte transferred out of our network. All incoming traffic from your server to our network is free of charge. This means if you have a 1GB video that gets viewed fully 100 times, your account will be charged for 100GB transferred. If the video is only partially downloaded, you will only be charged for the downloaded part.

How does stream billing work?

If you are using Bunny Stream, you will be charged for both storage and bandwidth.

The price of Storage depends on the size of your stored data as well as the number of enabled replication options.

On top of your storage costs, you will be charged for all outbound traffic out of our network. To get an estimated bandwidth cost, please use the Bunny Stream pricing calculator located on the Bunny Stream Pricing page.

How does optimizer billing work?

Bunny Optimizer is an add-on product that costs $9.50 per Pull Zone per month. This only covers the cost for Bunny Optimizer and does not include any bandwidth, which is charged on top of Optimizer. The monthly cost of the Bunny Optimizer is calculated and charged from your account on an hourly basis.

If you wish to use Bunny Optimizer on multiple zones, please contact us to receive a discount.

What is the Bunny Affiliate Program, and how does it work?

Bunny Affiliate Program offers a referral scheme where you get credited $20 to your bunny.net account for each user who signs through your link, is active for 14 days, and makes at least 1 recharge to their account.

When all conditions are met, the system will automatically add $20 credits to your account within 20 days.

For more information, visit the Bunny Partners Program page.

Content Delivery Network

Why is my pull zone disabled?

As we operate on a Pay-As-You-Go pricing model with hourly payments, you need to make sure that you have enough funds on your account to keep your service(s) active. If your account balance goes negative, all of your Pull Zones will be disabled until you top up your balance.

If you have funds on the account, but your Pull Zone(s) are disabled, please make sure to check whether or not a monthly bandwidth limit on the Network Limits page has been set.

Why is my pull zone suspended?

The most common reason why a pull zone might be suspended is due to a pending DMCA abuse case. You can check all of your DMCA abuse cases on your bunny.net account.

The suspension of your pull zone will only be lifted once all DMCA cases are resolved. If you can not resolve the abuse case(s), your pull zone will remain suspended (indefinitely).

What is Hotlinking protection and how does it work?

To prevent third-party linking of your content and use of your bandwidth, you can set up hotlinking protection. To enable hotlinking protection, you need to open your pull zone, go under security, and add authorized domains under "Allowed Referrers". You can find a detailed step-by-step guide here.

How can I block direct URL file access?

If you set up hotlinking protection and add allowed referrers, a block direct URL file access option will become available. If enabled, this option will block any requests with a blank referrer header to your content.

Why did my free Let's Encrypt certificate not auto renew?

Please check if you have any countries blocked in the Traffic manager, unblock them, and renew your certificate manually.

How can I bypass CDN for selected content?

To set up CDN bypass, choose the selected pull zone and click on Edge Rules. Select "Override Cache Time" as the action and insert 0 (zero) as the value for cache time. You need to set up the triggers for the content you don't want to be cached by the CDN.

How can I force downloads?

You can force downloads by using Edge Rules. Choose "Force Download" as the action and set up the triggers for the content you want to be downloaded.

Do I need to use a custom hostname?

You don't need to set up a custom hostname and can always use the default Pull Zone hostname. To set up a custom hostname, please follow the step-by-step guide.

How can I check if Bunny Optimizer is optimizing and delivering my images in WebP format?

Bunny Optimizer does not change the actual extension of the image files as this would hurt SEO, hurt the URL structure and break existing content. Bunny Optimizer works by intelligently delivering the correct file content based on the browser support in the same URL.

You can check this by using your browser's built-in "Developer Tools". There, you can view "Response Headers" and the "Content-Type" associated with any requests to Bunny Optimizer. If configured properly, you will see WEBP as opposed to the original media extension.

Why didn't my website's score improve after CDN integration?

When testing your website score with website testing tools, make sure to do a couple of tests in a row to ensure that CDN (i.e. the edge) has successfully cached your static assets.

Pull Zones

Is there a limit on the maximum number of Pull Zones per account?

We have no limits on the maximum number of pull zones you can have on a single account.

Do you support ETag?

The ETag header serves as a unique identifier for a given resource version. If a file changes, so do the ETag header (this is used to process and improve caching).

As long as the "Optimize for Video Delivery" option is disabled and an ETag header is present on the origin response, the header will be passed through and cached accordingly. If the resource is compressed on our end (gzip, Brotli), the ETag will be marked as "weak" by prepending a "W/" in front of the ETag string.

Do you support cache warming or preloading content onto the CDN?

To ensure fair cache management and file distribution, we do not currently allow preloading files into cache.

Does bunny.net automatically detect when a file is changed?

Bunny CDN does not monitor the files on your origin server for changes. This means that if a file is already cached on our servers, it will remain cached until the Cache-Control expires or it gets deleted to make space for more popular content.

If you make a change to a file and need to see it reflected immediately, please make sure to purge the cache using the purge tool.

Do you support range requests?

bunny.net fully supports range requests for both cached and uncached content. For cached content, range byte requests are enabled by default for any request. To enable uncached content, make sure that Cache Slicing is enabled in your pull zone Cache settings.

Do you support WebSockets?

bunny.net was designed mainly for static content delivery, so Web Socket support is currently not available, however, we are looking to introduce this in the future.

Do you support RTMP streaming?

RTMP streams are currently not supported.

Bunny Storage

How do I connect storage and pull zones?

To serve the content stored on a Storage Zone, you will need to connect it to a new Pull Zone (via/ the "Connected Pull Zones" page in your Storage Zone). You cannot use an existing pull zone at this time.

How can I use Bunny Storage?

Generally, Bunny Storage can be used in two ways. You can create a Storage Zone and upload your files using the dashboard, FTP, or API. You have to connect your storage zone to a pull zone so that your files can be given a URL. You can use the URL to link to these files from wherever you want.

The second way to use Bunny Storage is to use it as a perma-cache container. You need to create a storage zone and connect it to a pull zone that has your website set as the origin. Proceed to Caching page and enable the Perma-Cache feature. Your storage zone will permanently cache and distribute your data on our replicated storage.

How can I use Storage API?

To use the Storage API, you will need to use the Storage Zone password as the API key.

What is storage replication and what is it used for?

When creating a Storage Zone, you need to choose the main Storage region where you'll be uploading your data. To improve your global performance, you can enable additional replication points. These replication points can improve performance for uncached requests and ensure your data stays available in the unlikely event that the main storage region would be temporarily unavailable.

Why can't I disable a replication point?

Unfortunately, disabling replication points that have already been enabled is not possible due to technical restrictions. You will need to re-create the storage zone and transfer data manually.

Does bunny.net offer media offload?

Unfortunately, we do not offer media offload at this time.

However, this is something we are working on and plan to release it sometime in the future.

What is Perma-Cache and how does it work?

Perma-Cache does exactly what the name suggests. bunny.net fetches the file from your origin server only once and permanently caches and distributes them on our replicated storage. The system will not fetch files again from the origin unless you decide to clear the cache.

Depending on the replication regions you choose, perma-cache can also significantly increase the performance of any uncached data.

Why am I unable to rename files using FTP?

Renaming files in Edge Storage is currently not possible due to technical limitations with file synchronization.

If you attempt to rename a file on your Edge Storage, you will see the operation fail, and the file name remains the same. To change the name of a file, you will need to re-upload the file with a new name and delete the old one.

Bunny Stream

How can I upload my videos to Bunny Stream?

You can upload your videos by either using the Dashboard or the API. You can find additional information and a step-by-step guide here.

Why did my video size increase after uploading the videos?

The size of your video files on storage depends on the encoding options selected. Our system creates a separate file for each video quality. Your video storage size will increase by enabling the "Keep Original Files" or "Enable MP4 Fallback" options.

How can I create an MP4 URL?

To create an MP4 URL, you will need to have the MP4 Fallback option enabled before uploading the video. You will be able to construct the URL using this format - https://undefined.b-dn.net/undefined/play_undefinedp.mp4.

You can find more details on the Video Storage Structure here.

Can I change the Bitrate of the videos?

Yes. You can change the bitrate on the encoding page by clicking on the bitrate next to the resolution quality. You can enter a preferred value, but keep in mind that this will only apply for videos uploaded after the change.

I changed the Watermark but the old one is still displayed on my videos. How can I fix this?

Unfortunately, changing or newly adding a watermark will only affect the videos uploaded after the change as the Watermark is added to the video during encoding.

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