Feedback Bonus

Leave feedback. Get rewarded.

Leave feedback.
Get rewarded.

Feedback Bonus

We value your feedback - good or bad. At, we strive to deliver the best possible experience. Please help us by leaving a review!

Feedback Bonus

How feedback bonus works

How feedback
bonus works

Get $15 of Bunny Credits per review on each platform.

  • Have account

    All accounts are valid for the feedback bonus promotion.

  • Submit a review

    Submit feedback about our product in English on any of the partnered pages.

  • Send a screenshot

    Take a screenshot of your review and submit it via the form at the bottom.

  • Get rewards

    Get $15 Bunny Credits per review on each partnered page within 30 days.

Partnered Websites

List of partner websites where you can leave a review.

Available to everyone

Available to everyone

Every account is eligible to participate.

Multiple rewards

Multiple rewards

Receive credits for each partnered website.

Lifetime credits

Lifetime credits

Awarded credits have NO expiration date.

Submit a review and get $15

Once we verify your review, we will automatically add credits to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got further questions? We prepared a list of additional helpful information!

How does Bunny Feedback Bonus Work?

1. Submit a review of our product in English on any of the partnered websites.

2. Send a photo or a screenshot with your published review to

3. Within 30 calendar days after sending in the photo, we will add the bonus to your account.

Who is eligible for Bunny Feedback Bonus program?

Anyone who has a account. This also applies to Free Trial accounts.

How much do I earn per review?

You will be awarded $15 per review for each partnered website.

How long do the credits last for?

Awarded credits have no expiration date.

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