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Leading with smarter edge compute, bunny.net hopping at NAB 2024

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The world’s largest media and entertainment tech show is the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) in Las Vegas, USA, which attracted over 100,000 M&E professionals, executives, and a wealth of thought leadership events. And, we participated with our own booth showcasing our top-performance CDN.

NAB attracts people, vendors, and customers around the world to see bleeding-edge technology and innovation in media workflows from content production to delivery.

The main topics at the show included generative AI for content production, AI for fan engagement in sports, low latency applications, augmented and virtual reality use cases with Apple Vision Pro, advancement in 8K production, cost-effective production with giant LED production screens "Game of Thrones" style, and ultra-low latency live streaming solutions for gaming, sports, and news.

We learned that generative AI in content production and the implementation of sustainable practices will have the biggest impact in the media & entertainment industry in 2024, based on an onsite poll. This is a reflection of the M&E industry shift to leveraging the power of AI to optimize user experience, cost optimization, and the global need to implement practices in harmony with the environment.

bunny.net was excited to lead with top-speed performance figures against legacy CDNs, innovation streamlining VoD streaming, and also we used this opportunity to strengthen our strategic partnerships with best-of-breed technology providers so that we pass even more value to our users from S3-compatible cost-effective storage to top-of-the-line video compression and playback.

Here is a picture of our booth and the Super Bunnies attending the event.

At our booth, visitors enjoyed demonstrations of Bunny Stream, our end-2-end media workflow solution for video on demand (VoD) from object storage to transcoding, AI transcription, translation, metadata, enterprise-grade digital right management (DRM) encryption, delivery, and playback. We also demoed our new WordPress Plugin, which makes it easy for people to optimize their websites with easy-to-use storage migration, media files, and CDN optimization.

Now, the highlights from people who visited our booth were our global low latency leadership, free 4K transcoding for CDN users, and our commitment to making solutions "the bunny way" – surprisingly easy while delivering top performance.

But that’s not all, bunny.net was honored to deliver a thought leadership speaking event with Backblaze, our strategic partner for S3-compatible storage, discussing how smarter edge compute can be implemented to help optimize M&E workflows hosted in the Cloud.

Our marketing innovation was so welcomed and demanded that we almost ran out of swag on day one. So we had to get people to dance just so they could have one of our bunny plushes. Our booth included a never-seen spaceship rocket branded balloon, larger than a Great Dane, and some t-shirts with real digital art designs that everyone was begging us for more than one.

We are thrilled to have participated in such a top-leading industry event and introduce new cutting-edge technologies that create the optimal experience users demand.

At bunny.net we have one simple goal: achieving cutting-edge performance. We still have much more to come, stay tuned so you don’t miss all the fun!