SmartEdge™ Routing System

Bringing users where it matters

Bringing users
where it matters

Don’t just bring users closer. Get them where it matters. SmartEdge™ uses real-time traffic analysis based on your content to help you route requests to the most optimal destination.

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SmartEdge™ Routing System
  • Powered Websites
    Powered Websites
  • Global PoPs
    Global PoPs
  • Faster Load Times
    Up to 5x
    Faster Load Times
  • Satisfied Customers
    Satisfied Customers

Global network tailored for your needs

Stop making compromises when delivering your content. SmartEdge™ consistently tailors a massive global network based on your needs.

Unparalleled Caching

Efficiently deliver content with automatic caching optimizations that ensure the most efficient data distribution around the globe.

Built-in Health Monitoring

Avoid downtime and prevent revenue loss by utilizing a real-time health monitoring system built directly into the routing system.

Content-Aware Routing Engine

Enjoy maximum performance for your specific type of content with automatic optimizations based on your files.

Maximize performance with global routing

Achieve up to 30% improved cache hit rates and a massive boost in global performance thanks to optimized routing based on your specific content. Reduce cache MISS requests that destroy performance and hop ahead of the competition.







One problem.
One routing system.

Traditionally, CDNs will route users with a single routing configuration which isn't always optimal. SmartEdge™ combines a pre-set global configuration with automatic performance metrics to intelligently select between anycast, GeoDNS, and latency-based routing for each region to maximize performance and routing quality for your specific use case.

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“It is a pleasure to work with the team! Even before we switched to their excellent CDN network, they added some features we needed for the transition. And after that, they were so quick to add new features or solve any problem we had! A true long-term partner that we really appreciate!”

Pedro Dobrescu


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