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We are very excited where bunny.net is today and we have even bigger plans for what we want to do next, but this page is dedicated to our history and sharing the story of how it all began.

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How it all started ...

All the way back in 2012, there was a developer with a problem of an ever rising CDN bill.

" It was the year 2012 and I had a big problem. The website I have been working on was facing an ever increasing traffic bill. Being based in Eastern Europe, a few terabytes of CDN bills was almost as high as my monthly paycheck. But why was that, when traffic costs were so low? It really made no sense. CDNs back then were either grossly overpriced or didn't work at all, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I always loved a challenge, and the solution was obvious.

I went into action and a few sleepless nights later, the first concept of an in-house CDN was born. A pat on the back, problem solved. But then, as I was monitoring the performance a light turned on in my head. If I need this, surely there must be many other people with exactly the same problem. The CDN market was a giant enteprise dinosaur focused on profits, finding solutions. I've always loved solving problems and this was the first one that felt like I could actually make a difference.

Dejan Profile Photo
Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel - Founder & CEO of bunny.net

Early bunny.net Office Photo
Early bunny.net Office Photo

Before I knew it, I was obsessed with building a service to disrupt the overpriced market and make a great CDN that was available to everyone, not just large enterprises. Every start is hard, but that just further fueled my passion and dedication to build a world-class product.

It took a few years and help from my friends for things to take off, but after finally quitting my job and focusing all my time to bunny.net time back in 2018, things really exploded. Since then, we have been growing rapidly and now have an amazing team of 7 people working on bunny.net, one of the fastest global networks in the world and a big focus on innovation and building amazing new things.

What started with trying to build a great CDN has grown into a passion to speed up the internet and really innovate the market, but our core values have always remained the same. " - Dejan Grofelnik Pelzel, Founder & CEO of bunny.net

Why the name bunny.net?

The question everyone has been asking us.

Why bunny.net? Why not QuickEnterpriseCDN? ... The answer is simple.

We're on a mission to offer an enterprise-grade service, with enterprise-grade features in a simple package that is approachable and affordable to anyone. No sneaky contracts, no complicated features, just a passionate team trying to build an amazing service for everyone to use.

Even though our vision evolved through the years, our passion and core values have always remained the same. As one of the cutest and fastest animals on the planet, for us, the bunny symbolises just those core values. Just like our team, it's a funky and unconventional brand, but a brand we deeply believe in. Also, who doesn't like bunnies?

Bunny Branding Samples

What's next?

We are not stopping. Since the humble begginings, our vision has evolved into something much bigger.

bunny.net was started with a tiny budget and no big venture capital firms backing us up. It is thanks to you, that share our passion and vision that we are where we are and we are here to stay. Thanks to your support, you unlocked a big new world of possibilities and ideas of what we want to do next. We are full of ideas and plans and incredibly excited about where we can take bunny.net in the future together. We would not be here without you.

We are working on exciting things for bunny.net right now, fueled with the same philosophy and passion we always had and will continue to do everything in our power to try and offer an amazing service for you, our customers. It's what bunny.net is all about. We invite you to join us on this journey, and let's create amazing things, together.

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